Do I Really Need A Home Security System?

Do I Really Need A Home Security System?

Many homeowners can benefit from installing a home security system. But just what are these systems? And do the advantages really make up for the cost? This post explains exactly what a home security system is and why installing one could be a good idea.

What is home security?

Nobody wants unfriendly intruders getting into their home. Home security is a means of keeping such intruders out by restricting access and keeping surveillance.

A home security system is one effective tool for doing this. It is an electrical system made up of components such as alarms, cameras, lights and access control units. There are many different systems on the market that come with different features and pricing. It is important to find one that fits your needs and budget.

Monitored vs unmonitored home security systems

Home security systems can be grouped into two main types: monitored and unmonitored. It’s important to understand the difference between these systems so that you invest in the right one.

Monitored home security systems are so-called because they are monitored by a professional security company. Such companies are typically based locally and are able to monitor videos or even answer intercoms. This type of system is very secure, but generally more expensive to run than an unmonitored security system.

Unmonitored security systems are the most popular option. Once they are installed, there are no ongoing maintenance costs, making them more affordable in the long run. The downside is that they’re not quite as secure as you haven’t got a security professional monitoring them 24/7. The good news is that most unmonitored security systems can now be linked to an app on your phone - this app can notify you if an alarm goes off, allow you to monitor cameras and even allow you to speak through an intercom in some cases.

Benefits of a home security system

Home security systems can have a few major benefits. These include:
  • Added safety
    An intruder could break into your home and harm you or another member of your household. Home security systems can reduce the risk of this happening and keep you and your household safe.
  • Crime deterrent
    Some people think that home security systems are simply a means of catching criminals in the act. However, in many cases they can simply serve as a deterrent - an intruder will think twice about attempting to burgle your home or vandalise your property if they can see that you have a home security system installed.
  • Peace of mind
    A home security system could reduce paranoia when you are away from your home. You can sleep easily knowing that intruders are less likely to target your home - and if your home is targeted, you or a security company will be alerted immediately.
  • Reduced home insurance premiums
    You could also save money on your insurance premiums by installing a home security system. Because intruders are less likely to target homes with these systems, you are seen as a lower-risk customer and will have access to cheaper rates.

A home security system could have many clear benefits. If you haven’t got one installed already, consider whether it could be time to invest in one. Contact an electrician for a quote on your security system installation so that you can start securing your home.