How To Reduce Electricity Costs in Sydney

How To Reduce Electricity Costs in Sydney

How To Reduce Electricity Costs in Sydney
With inflation topping out, electricity prices are on the rise which significant increases coming from power suppliers like origin, agl, energy Australia & red energy. A lot of Sydney households are now searching for tips on how to decrease their energy consumption to provide some relief on their electricity bill. Your electricity bill should not be expensive if your home is setup efficiently and you are utilising modern appliances and fitting. We have put together a list of common electricity savers which we come across when customers call us for advice on how to lower their electricity bill.

Compare your electricity plan
We have seen customers being charged as much as 50c per kw and other customers being charged as low as 19c per kw. It pays to shop around and call your enegy provider for a better deal, or change to one which provides a better deal! Here is a free government website setup to compare enegery providers – how does your energy provider sit?

Off peak hot water
Heating hot water can com at high price if your switchboard is setup to heat your hot water anytime of day or night on the single tariff. Have your hot water put onto the off peak cycle so that you are paying less for the hot water tank to only heat during the middle of the night when power prices are cheap.

LED Lighting
New LED lighting technology is far more advanced than only incandescent lights and bulbs. LED options are far brighter while only using a fraction of the electricity usage. Your average incandescent light bulb is 60w, while the equivalent in the LED range is as low as 7w. If you were to change all the lights in your home then by doing the maths there is quite a power saving to be had! Please call us for a quote to upgrade to LED downlights, LED Oyster Lights or LED Batten Lights.

LED Downlights
Similar to the LED point which we just made, Halogen downlights are a large power hungry light. Similar to other incandescent bulbs, halogen lights can be up to 50w each, and in a single room you may have from 4 to 6 – that’s a lot of electricity required to run these lights due to the amount of lights you have in your Sydney home. We can change halogen lights to LED lights which are around 7w each and will save you a considerable amount of electricity on your power bill.

House Re-wire
If your home was constructed prior to 1960 it pay contain cotton cloth wiring or vulcanised Indian rubber cable. This style of cable is inefficient and can be a danger as it ages and the outer layers fall apart. If you feel that your house wiring needs replacement, please call us for a free quote.

We hope that this quite has been helpful on how to lower your power bills in your Sydney home. True Local Electricians are electricians servicing all of Sydney and can assist with any electricity bill questions you may have. Please phone us for a free quote on 0423 562 257