Switchboard Repair & Upgrade Sutherland Shire

Switchboard Repair & Upgrade Sutherland Shire

24/7 Emergency Switchboard Repair, Upgrade & Installation Specialists. Are you looking to upgrade your old Switchboard or Fuse Box, or experiencing an emergency power outage? We are specialists in installation & repairs to Switchboards & fuse boxes. For immediate service to the Sutherland Shire call 0423 562 257

What is a Switchboard?
Your Sutherland Shire home’s switchboard is the center of your homes electrical system, and plays a very important role in ensuring your electrical safety. The power comes into your switchboard either overhead or underground from the street. It then distributes this power throughout all of the areas of your home. The switchboard is made up of different circuits which are controlled by safety switches, circuit breakers(or MCB’s) or fuses. If your switchboard still has the old style porcelain fuses or circuit breakers, we do recommend a switchboard upgrade as it is definitely a safety concern.

Our Switchboard Upgrade Services in The Sutherland Shire

The switchboard controls how all of the electricity is routed throughout your home, ensuring power can reach all areas of your home. However, the switchboards of the past weren’t designed to accommodate the higher electricity needs of modern appliances, as the technology didn’t exist at the time. If you have old & obsolete ceramic fuses, your switchboard may need to be upgraded to a newer model to give your appliances and other electronics the stable current they need to operate optimally. We will convert your ceramic fuses, or out dated circuit breakers to individual RCD/RCBO safety switches.

Surge Protectors
Power surges can happen from time to time, and they can wreak havoc on your electronics, even frying them from the inside in extreme cases. Surge protectors protect your appliances by absorbing any sudden increases of power, then redistributing it as needed. This way, your electronics receive a stable amount of electricity, even when there is a surge in the system.

RCD Safety Switches
Safety switches go above and beyond the safety capabilities of switchboards and surge protectors. These devices monitor the power flowing through the cable and shut it down if there is any fluctuation. This can protect you from electric shock in the event that you drop your hair dryer in the sink, cut through a wire with an electric saw or otherwise expose yourself to the risk of shock. The safety switch will shut down the power to that particular power point immediately so that you don’t get shocked. Safety switches are a must have to provide you and your appliances with the best protection.
All our switchboard upgrades will come complete with an electrical certificate of completion. We provide electrical services to all areas across all the Sutherland Shire including Alfords Point, Bangor, Barden Ridge, Bonnet Bay, Burraneer, Caringbah South, Caringbah, Como, Cronulla, Dolans Bay, Engadine, Grays Point, Green Hills Beach, Gymea, Gymea Bay, Illawong, Jannali, Kangaroo Point, Kareela, Kirrawee, Kurnell, Lilli Pilli, Loftus, Menai, Miranda, Oyster Bay, Port Hacking, Sutherland, Sylvania, Taren Point, Wooloware, Woranora, Woranora Heights, Yowie Bay.

When Should You Request a Switchboard Safety Inspection?
Switchboards with ceramic fuses present a fire hazard with modern day electrical demands, and as such should be replaced. Ceramic fuses could put you and your family at risk of electric shock and be a fire hazard to your home. True Local Electricians are Switchboard Specialists in the Sutherland Shire and can update your electrical panel to new circuit breaker/safety switch RCD’s.
**If you have Porcelain Fuse’s in your switchboard you should upgraded as soon as possible
Other reasons to request a Free Switchboard safety inspection from us if you have:
  • Hard-wired circuit breaker switchboard.
  • A renovation is approaching, and you need to relocate your electrical switchboard
  • Having air-conditioning installed
  • Your electrical switchboard causing concern
  • Smell a smoky odor, a power outage, or the lights flickering.
  • Your home has recently been revamped, and your electrical load may have increased.
  • A pool pump was added
If you would like to schedule a FREE safety inspection of your switchboard, phone us on 0423 562 257

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