Why Do I Need Smoke Detectors?

Why Do I Need Smoke Detectors?

It’s easy to take smoke detectors for granted or underestimate their worth. Smoke detectors might be small and cheap to buy, but these little devices save lives by alerting you to the start of a potentially deadly fire. The sad reality of house fire fatalities is that in most cases, they are entirely preventable. Having a working smoke detector set up correctly and maintained in your home is a small deal, but what they can do is life-changing.

Why Should I Install Smoke Detectors?

House fires can take hold quickly, giving you little warning of the danger. Smoke detectors are designed to pick up smoke in the air and alert you with a sharp, sudden sound. This is even more critical when you are sleeping, as you might not ever wake to realise the danger of fire without assistance.

24/7 alert

Smoke alarms never sleep. The technology inside is functioning all the time to determine that everything is safe and sound. As soon as there is a disruption to the internal systems, they pick up on the change and let you know about it.

In order to keep your smoke detector on standby as a 24/7 alert system you’ll need to make sure it is tested regularly, the batteries are changed frequently and install a new detector at least every ten years. Changing to a new device gives you the option to upgrade to a more advanced or more sensitive detector as well. Call an electrician to find out what smoke detector is best for you.

Early fire warning

The early warning system is designed to detect smoke and sound an alarm loud enough to wake adults when sleeping. They provide a valuable head-start to get out of a dangerous situation or put out a fire that might otherwise consume your home.

Protect your home & family

A smoke detector is your best chance of being alerted to a fire in your home early enough to take action. If the fire is still small you can smother it and prevent further damage to your property, only do this if the conditions are absolutely safe and you know the right way to tackle the fire, otherwise, get you and your family out and call 000 for assistance.

Help firefighters locate fire

Smoke detectors sense changes in the atmosphere in their local vicinity, which means you’ll hear an alarm sound from the closest point to the fire. This can allow you to direct firefighters to the right access point of your home to get the fire extinguished quickly.

Legal requirement

Every property in Australia, privately owned, rented or short-term holiday house is required to have a working smoke detector on every floor. These laws were introduced in 2006 following a series of fatal house fires. Even now house fires claim lives because the batteries were disconnected or allowed to run flat.

Having smoke detectors wired directly to your home’s electrical wiring is a cost-effective way to achieve absolute peace of mind. As well as never having to change a battery, your electrician will know the best possible placement and device you need to help keep your home and family safe.