Why TV is Still Showing Strong Signals in 2017

TV Antennas seem to be becoming a thing of the past with the advent of the moderm digital age and new technologies such as IPTV from major providers such as Netflix, and the constant improvement of Pay TV services such as Foxtel Go. In the oldern days, free to air TV was considered cutting edge technology and a television set was a luxury to those who could afford it. Antenna Direct Perth has been bringing TV reception solutions via to homes across Perth whether it be through aerials, IPTV or satellite TV.

A quick history lesson on TV

The first transmissions of television in Australia began in 1929 with private tests conducted by local radio stations.
Publicly available television transmissions were first broadcast by TCN-9 Sydney, now known as the Nine Network in 1956,
followed by ABC and Seven, and eventually the Ten Network. During the 1960's in Australia, demand for TV Antenna installations was skyrocketing once the word spread of the new phenomenon. Coaxial cabling and TV points were now a basic nessecity in most households, and the new trade of the antenna man was born.

The 90's Tech boom, advent of Satellite TV and Foxtel

Nothing really changed about the way we watched video from the inception of TV Antennas to the early 1990's apart from the common availability of programs and movies on VHS tapes, which were limited in selection and came at a cost. The 90's were a period where the home theatre and hifi industry went through a major boom, big sound systems, projectors and Laser CDs changed the way we broadcast our movies throughout our home forever. One of the biggest gamechangers was the introduction of satellite TV, which allowed for access to television stations and programming throughout the world, directly to a customers home. Foreigners and citizens from non english speaking backgrounds could now watch shows in their own mother tongue.

The first Pay-TV service available in Australia arrived in 1993 was Galaxy, the predecessor to Foxtel. Galaxy broadcast only 4 channels of premium content which were recieved through a small satellite dish installed on the roof, however was very short lived due to financial troubles and demise in 1998. Foxtel got it's start in 1995, and today still remains a very dominant Pay TV provider. Pay TV was the first step to an alternative to free to air television, with some homeowners never opting to install a television antenna on their new home. Eventually high subscription rates, increased advertising and repetative content would often leave the customer base gravitating back to traditional over the air TV.

The online age and IPTV

2005 was one of the most revolutionary years for entertainment. Steve Chan and Chad Furley founded Youtube, the most popular video sharing website to date. Users could watch videos of any Genre with an internet connection and a basic PC. With access to over 80 million free videos on Youtube at anytime there is bound to be something for everyone. Unfortunately one of the downsides was that recording industries and producers were quick to order removal of copyrighted content from Youtube, making television shows harder to access which had users slowly going back to good old free to air TV.

A fresh and innovative approach to watching all your favorite TV shows was Netflix and Fetch TV. For a small monthly fee, users could have almost every TV show available to them that they could watch on TV, anytime on demand. While Australia's internet speeds have never been the quickest coupled with the fact that most content was coming from overseas servers, created delays, pausing and at times unacceptable picture quality compared to free to air TV.

Why TV is still alive and strong in 2017

Free TV has had a long and interesting journey, constantly evolving to meet the needs of a modern demographic of viewers,
evolving to introduce High definition and widescreen broadcasting. The channel selection has grown substantially over the years with over 35+ free to air channels available to be received without the need for any monthly subscription makes Free TV the most effective way of viewing video content without any of the downsides of Pay TV or IPTV.

Antenna Direct Perth has been providing TV reception solutions to customers no matter whether it's Free TV, Foxtel or IPTV, we have a solution to suit every budget. Our TV antenna installer will ensure quality materials and workmanship are applied through every step of the job, and with flat pricing you always know what you are up for.