10 Signs You've Chosen a Good Home-Builder

Building your dream home can be both stressful and exciting at the same time; log on to any home building chat site and you’ll see horror stories aplenty. However, it can be a fun and relatively stress-free time if you choose the right builder.

Here’s 10 signs that you’ve chosen a good homebuilder:

1. They have a lot of experience
Maybe an obvious sign, but still a very important one. Look for an established builder who has a range of jobs under their belt. Don’t discount new firms though as a lot of new building firms are established by seasoned builders. Do your homework and ensure you’re engaging with a builder who’s been around the traps.

2. They belong to a builder’s association
A builder that belongs to a builder’s association (i.e. Master Builders Australia) is someone that cares about continuing education and keeping up to date with technologies.

3. They are licensed and insured
A good homebuilder is fully licensed and insured and will be able to provide you with details upon request. You want to make sure that you and your homebuilder are covered during the building process.

4. They have a long line of past clients willing to provide positive feedback
Good homebuilders will have plenty of satisfied clients. Some builders will offer potential clients referrals but if they do not, don’t be afraid to ask for them. Some good questions to ask past clients could be: Would you build again with this builder? Would you recommend this builder? What things did you find this builder did that was exceptional?

5. They are busy … but not too busy
If you engage with a builder and they tell you they can start straight away one would be cautious. It’s great that a builder is relatively busy as it means they are in constant work and is engaged (hopefully) by happy clients. On the other hand, you don’t want them to be so busy that they cannot answer your phone calls or start your job on time. Beware of an overworked builder.

6. They communicate clearly from start to finish
A great homebuilder has clear guidelines communicated with you from the start and will continue to communicate with you and update you throughout the project up until hand-over. A great builder will also have clear communications with their subcontractors, vendors and workers and will be able to easily relate statuses and updates to you at any time.

7. They’ll be real with you
If your budget is too low, a good home builder will tell it to you straight. They’ll keep your expectations in check and tell you if your idea or vision is too unrealistic. If a builder just agrees with everything you say then that’s reason to be wary.

8. They have temporary fencing erected from the start of works
A temporary fence is required by law to be erected from the commencement of works until lockup. This is for the safety of the public and also to protect your property from theft and damage. I good homebuilder knows this and will not commence works until there is temporary fencing erected.

9. They show up on time
When engaging with a builder be sure to take note of their punctuality, this can dictate how likely they are to be arriving at the worksite on time and also to work to a deadline.

10. They provide a warranty
A good homebuilder will be proud of their work and will have no hesitation in providing a warranty for it.