5 Tips to Find a Reputable Construction Supplier Online

5 Tips to Find a Reputable Construction Supplier Online

Finding a reputable construction supplier online that you can trust is essential. A quick Google can connect you with hundreds of suppliers online but where do you start? How do you find the best and most trustworthy for you?

Below we detail some tips on how to find the right fit for your needs.

Ensure you’ve done your research on the specific product you are looking for

When you’re after a specific product, be sure to do the research and know the product inside out before you start looking for your supplier. There are many variations in the way products can be made so you want to be sure of the exact finish of your product. This will help you to narrow down on your needs and requirements of your supplier and to narrow your search options.

Understand what kind of supplier you are dealing with

Is the company the manufacturer? Manufacturers actually create and customise their own product. Buying straight from the manufacturer cuts out any middle man and ensures that you are dealing directly with the maker.

Buying from contractors or brokers can involve complications and delays, especially if you are receiving a faulty product. However, there can be benefits to using a broker or contractor as they can help you source the best product for you and also assist with installation

Ensure your chosen supplier has an excellent online presence

Good online suppliers know how important their online presence is. They’ll have an extensive website that clearly details their profile, product offerings, and services. They’ll have a contact page for you to easily get in touch and will also be transparent in how their products are made and acquired.

A great online presence also includes a well attended to social media portfolio with a healthy following and positive feedback from previous clients.

Word of mouth

Good old fashion word of mouth is always a reliable option. Visit forums that specialise in the area of product you are looking for and look for recommendations from previous clients. Don’t be afraid to engage and ask questions to get the answers you need in order to make the best decision.


Stability is an important factor when choosing an online supplier. A business that has been in the industry for a long time is usually a successful business with loyal customers. Ask for referrals from other customers so that you can check for yourself.


Searching online can bring up a variety of suppliers in varied locations. You need to ensure that you are sourcing from a local supplier. If you ordered merchandise from a distant supplier it can take a long time to arrive and end up adding unnecessary freight costs. Be sure to inquire about shipment times and costs, if you require something fast then a supplier that is located a long distance away can present a problem. Finding a supplier close to home can offer cost savings and more flexibility when ordering.

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