Difference Between Woven and Welded Mesh Fences

Difference Between Woven and Welded Mesh Fences

When it comes to security fencing, going in with the thinking that "any fence is better than no fence" is a mistake that could get you targeted by burglars.
That's not the case in various things and is doubly true here. If a fence looks easy to break into, all it does is invite burglars to do so.
If you want to protect your property properly, then you should look into more protective security solutions.
Woven chain-link fences and welded wire fences are the most common types of security fences. Though they both have similar applications, construction, and advantages, they are distinctly different from one another.

Differences Between the Two

CHAINLINK (Woven Mesh)
For how secure chain-link fences claim to be, they require less effort to break into, unlike wire mesh fences. If they cut the fence, it unravels, losing its effectiveness. Unless the wire of this fence is a gauge 9 or higher, burglars can easily cut into it with a bolt cutter. Chain-link fences are quite flexible, but the flexibility is also a vulnerability. The more give fence wire has, the easier it becomes to form hand and footholds in it by gripping and prying.

WIRE MESH (Welded Mesh)
Welded mesh fences require way more effort to cut into and provide excellent vision. Burglars would need to have access to more advanced tools than a bolt cutter, and even if they had them, it requires more time. Certain kinds of wire mesh fences "anti-climb 358" fences which provide less space for fingers to fit into and a more rigid structure.
Another thing to note is that there is no limit to the height of the fence other than restrictions or regulations passed by your local government.

Similar to wire mesh fences, chain-link ones are made from carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless wire mesh, copper, and brass, and other materials.

Woven mesh gets its name from the metal wire that is interwoven to create a diamond-type shape that is secured to a frame using various steel components. The most common mesh size type is 50milimeters by 50milimeters, though they can come in other different sizes.
Unlike welded mesh though, if the partitioning of the chain-link fence gets damaged, it’s more difficult to repair. This requires the removal of a large portion of partitioning.

Wire mesh is more complex than chain-link. By welding both vertical and horizontal wires at every intersection, it provides the mesh with great rigidity and strength. This creates rectangular openings.

Another significant thing is that the wires will not become cracked or break over time, allowing you to spend your maintenance money on other things. Common mesh sizes can come in 50 millimeters by 101 millimeters and 50 millimeters by 124 millimeters, but can also come in other variations depending on one’s needs.

For chain-link fences, we mentioned earlier that their flexibility was also their weakness. One advantage of its flexibility is that it can be bent, twisted, and pulled without immediately breaking.
If the wires aren’t made with stainless steel, then the chain-link requires constant cleaning. However, chain-link is very easy to clean and care for, with water and mild soap doing the job.
This is offset by its frequent need to be replaced and its difficult installation.

This requires less maintenance than chain-link fences since wire mesh is made of weather-resistant materials. Left alone, the material can last a lifetime. The mesh can even take the impact of a vehicle with relatively minor damage to its construction, saving you more money in the long run.

Wire mesh fences do not unravel if cut, unlike chain-link fences, and if they become damaged, then partitions are relatively easy to replace.

It’s kind of clear based on this article that we prefer welded mesh fences over chain-link fences because of the advantages they provide over the latter. They’re affordable and can last you a lifetime.

Whether you’ll be using them for commercial, industrial, or personal reasons, we recommend you contact a professional gate and fence contractor. They will cater and customize security solutions that best fit your needs and provide you with quality fences that will last for decades to come.