Feng Shui for 2010

Feng Shui for 2010

The Earth Luck is to deal with the bad energy where we live, work and play. The Earth Luck is the Feng Shui components of our house and office for the year of the Tiger.

Each year, there are three major, Shas (Bad Energy) flying around. These three Shas have the power to override any flying stars combination regardless how good the chart is. These three Shas are called.

1. Tai Sui (Grand Duke). It is located at the North East East.

2. San Sha (Three Killings) San Sha arrives at the North. And

3. Five Yellow. It is landed at the Northwest.

Number one rule to deal with those Shas is not to “Move Earth” which is dinging, renovation in those areas/sectors.

The Northeast East (52.5 ~ 67.5) has Tai Sui

Tai Sui or Grand Duke is the yearly King. The Tai Sui controlling the Northeast East sector in the year of the Tiger. The Northeast East sector is Wood element. It is related to the Wood system in our body including, the liver, the gall bladder, arms and legs, the health problems related to Wood element could be liver problems (alcoholic problems), gall bladder stone, broken arms and legs.

The best way to prevent bad luck and sickness is not to stir up the yearly bad energy spots/sector. Yearly bad energy is like a sleeping tiger. It will be fine if the sleeping tiger has not been disturbed. However, if the tiger is wakening up, it will bite you. “Move earth”, renovation, will wake the tiger up, so do not dig, nailing, chisel and renovate the Tai Sui sector including the floor, ground, garden, the walls inside and outside.

If your house facing Northeast East or the main door is located at the Tai Sui sector, be sure closing the door slowly and gently when come in and go out, as loud noise can trigger the bad energy.

The Trigram for Northeast East is Gen. Gen is young Child or the youngest son of the family. Gen also represents Hands, Back, Nose and Stomach. If any problems found in relation to those areas, look at what happen in the Northeast East sector of your house.

The Three killings is at the North (337.5 ~ 22.5)

The North sector got the Three-killings. It covers a very big area. Three killings represent lawsuits, gossips, arguments.

The North sector is water element. In health, it is related to the excretion systems including, kidneys, urethra, prostate gland for male, bladders and other water system in our body. May, August and December are the worst months.

Make sure the north sector is clean and tidy. Keep this area as quiet as possible. If the three killings bad energy is disturbed, there would be 3 unfortunate incidents.

Don’t place any moving objects there including fish tanks.

It is recommended that place a ceramic Ox to dissolve this bad energy or use a square ceramic plate and place 5 stones (1 in the middle of the plate and 4 at each side like a cross +) in it.

You cannot change the main door position but you can move yourself away from the bad energy areas.

The Southwest has Five Yellow (202.5 ~ 247.5)

The Five Yellow, representing misfortune and obstacle arrives at the Southwest sector in the year of the Tiger. If your Southwest sector of the house or office is an important area such as bedroom or entrances, it is recommended that place a Metal object to dissolve this bad energy or move away from this area. Other than metal objects, you can also place a pot plant or 3 bamboos in a vase and place in the Southwest area.

The trigram of the Southwest sector is Kun. Trigram Kun is related to Mother, the oldest female in the family. Kun also represents abdomen, stomach and pancreas.

The lucky star number 8 is in the middle

The lucky star number 8 which means prosperity is located in the middle palace in 2010. As mentioned above, it is related to money. There are a few ways you can activate the money star.

You can move to and sleep at this area if there is a room. If the middle of the house is a living area, place a pot (black one) with 80% full of clear of water at this area to attract money.

If you want to conceive a baby, use the Northwest and the middle palace of the house more often. This means activate the middle of the house and the Northwest sector by human activities.