Feng Shui Water-mouth Melbourne

Feng Shui Water-mouth Melbourne

An ancient saying in Feng Shui stated that: “Going in a mountain, find the water-mouth, going in a house, locate the Chi-mouth”.

A water-mouth is a Feng Shui term. In fact it is the meeting point of the Green Dragon and White Tiger. The Chi-mouth of a house is the main door or the door frequent used.

Water-mouth can be located at real water intersection. For example a river flows to the sea. The water-mouth is where the river touches the sea.

There are also virtual water-mouths. The virtual water-month is the road-intersections or a round-about, imagines that a small street goes and meets a bigger road.

A naturally formed and really water-mouth, it must be at these four locations:

  • Chen(South-east)
  • Xu(North-west)
  • Chou(North-east)
  • Wei(South-west)

Not only going in a mountain to find water-mouth, but also going into a City need to location the water-mouth. After the water-mouth and mountains are located, then we can apply the Xuan Kong Da Gua to calculate that what period of time this City is booming and what period of time this City is depressed. What period time this City’s population is increasing and what period time this City’s population reduced.

The Melbourne’s water-mouth is located at the South-west! The mountain is coming from the North-east, the Danendong ranges.

The Time and Space calculation is based on the Feng Shui three cycles and nine periods incorporate with the Luo Shu. The Luo Shu chart as below.

Each number in the Luo Shu is a Gua. It also represents the time and direction. Don’t forget this direction the Luo Shu is different from our day to day map. The top of the Luo Shu (9) is south. The bottom of the Luo Shu (1) is the North. The right of the chart (7) is the West and the left the chart (3) is the East.

So the (2) is in the South-west. Number 2 is period 2, Kun Gua. The time is form 1884 – 1903.

To study Feng Shui, we must use or check the actually fact and historical events by looking back the history.

Qing Nang Xu says, "The dragon god on mountain does not go into water, (and) the dragon god in water does not go up (a) mountain."

During the period 2, 1884-1903 in Melbourne, the 2 is the dragon god on mountain. It should go up to the mountain. However, during period 2, the dragon god on mountain went down into the water.

On the other hand, during period 2, the number 8 was dragon god in water. It should go into water but it went up to a mountain.

When the dragon god on mountain goes down to water, the population would become decreasing.

When the dragon god in water goes up into a mountain, the economic become bad or depressed.

Now, let’s looking back into the history from 1883 – 1903 in Melbourne to see what was happening then.

By opening the history book, in early 1880s (in period 1) in Melbourne the property was booming. When the time moved into period 2, in about 1888, the property market started to crash. The property price is dropping during this time. Not only that, the population was also decreased.

Nowadays in period 8 (2004 – 2023), the number 8 the dragon god on mountain goes up a mountain, the number 2, The dragon god in water goes down to water. This is a good arrangement. The time is perfectly incorporated with the forms.

And the fact is that, now, every week there are more than a thousand people come into Melbourne. This is the effect of the dragon god on mountain goes up mountain.

And the economy in Melbourne is also booming, the property price is up. This is the effect of the dragon god in water goes down water. With this theory in mind, Melbourne will be blossoming in the next 20 years.