The Growing Demand for Feng Shui

The Growing Demand for Feng Shui

Despite the global financial crisis, demand for Feng Shui consultants is continuing to grow as people are focusing on alternative ways to achieve happiness, wellbeing and a sustainable lifestyle.

Recent research confirms the trend that during difficult financial times more people are ‘cocooning’ – spending more time at home and going out less. This has resulted in more people focusing on improvements to their homes, and a greater awareness in the value of Feng Shui consultants.

According to Sydney Feng Shui consultant Jane Langof, home improvement trends have resulted in a greater demand for Feng Shui consultants. Jane says “I’ve had more interest from home renovators who want to make sure they’re making the right decisions when it comes to their renovation, and how it affects their Feng Shui”.

Feng Shui focuses on the flow of energy in our buildings and environment, and how this energy impacts people on a mental, physical and spiritual level. Each building has a unique map of energy that influences the health, wealth and relationships of the occupants.

Jane Langof says “the job of a Feng Shui consultant is to improve energy flow and create a space that’s balanced to support your goals in life. This can be achieved by changing layouts, traffic flow, and by balancing the Five Elements of fire, earth, metal, water and wood”.

An important aspect of a Feng Shui consultation is the identification of the wealth sector of a building. The wealth sector is unique in every property, and is best located in an open and active space such as the main entrance or open plan living area. Having the wealth sector located in a confined room or cupboard can have a negative influence on finances.

If the wealth sector is in a practical location, a water feature or swimming pool will be recommended to activate prosperity. Water features have a powerful influence in Feng Shui, as they amplify the energy of a space, regardless of whether it’s positive or negative. The correct placement of a water feature is critical in Feng Shui.

Jane says “the best time to seek Feng Shui advice is at the planning stages of building design or at the time of property purchase. Feng Shui consultants can help home owners make the most of their properties and create harmonious homes that feel good and support the happiness, health and prosperity of the people living there.”