A powerhorse for wood and concrete grinding sanding and polishing


Global Concrete Solutions is proud to be the Australasian Distributor for the range of Werkmaster equipment and Pulse Bac Vacuums, for all your grinding, polishing and sanding needs!

The Werkmaster grinds, sands, edges, polishes and buffs Concrete, Stone, Terrazzo, Granite, Marble and Timber to within 3mm of a wall and under cabinets.

What makes Wermaster so unique? Octi-Disc Technology and SPEED!

The heads spin at speeds unheard of in the industry and unavailable on a planetary! There are eight heads that can spin from 750rpm to 4000rpm which produces amazing results without the need for heavy weights! You can grind wet or do everything dry and when combined with the Pulse Bac Vacuums do it dust free. Removing lippage is done quickly and easily as is flattening a raised floor.

Werkmaster’s distinct variable frequency drive allows you to change the speed of the heads for optimum grinding, sanding & burnishing. For larger jobs the ganging system lets you combine two machines together for twice the production with half the labour.

When it comes to ‘polished’ nothing outshines a Werkmaster. And when you need constant reliable suction the Pulse Bac is the only Vacuum you will ever need!!