Anti-Slip Solution for Hard Floors

Anti-Slip Solution for Hard Floors

Grip Guard non-slip treatment is the ideal solution for slippery floors which are stone-based including ceramic and porcelain tiles, marble, granite, exposed aggregate, concrete, and terrazzo.

Grip Guard treatment is not a coating but rather permanent floor modification process that works its way into the surface creating an anti-slip floor without any change in appearance.

Grip Guard non-slip treatment is not a coating and therefore will not wear off. And, because nothing is left behind after treatment (except a slip resistant surface), floors can be walked on immediately after treatment.

Grip Guard has been used extensively to provide anti-slip protection in kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, restaurants, factories, swimming pool surrounds, driveways, footpaths, and other areas that require a safe pedestrian surface.

Grip Guard anti-slip treatment is particularly effective in wet conditions. In fact, the treatment has even been used underwater on slippery tiled stairs inside swimming pools as well as on tiled shower floors. Grip Guard’s unique surface modification alters the tiles structure to reduce the risk of aquaplaning on wet surfaces.

Grip Guard anti slip treatment is available through trained applicators throughout Australia including Western Australia (Perth), Victoria (Melbourne), Tasmania (Launceston), New South Wales (Sydney), South Australia (Adelaide), Queensland (Brisbane), as well as regional areas. Grip Guard products and services are also available in New Zealand and other Asia-Pacific areas.