Budget Saving Flooring Ideas

Budget Saving Flooring Ideas

Need new floors but have a strict budget? This guide will help you choose the perfect flooring for your individual needs at the lowest price.

Homeowners often seek affordable options, including cheap flooring, for any project, whether it's a minor one-room renovation or an entire home extension. However, not all initial budget-saving strategies and materials save money in the long run. So, we've compiled some cost-effective flooring options to help you make informed decisions.

Achieving Affordable Flooring

There are two main ways to save on flooring:
  1. Using a cheaper but still quality product.
  2. Saving on the flooring installation process.
More Affordable Flooring Installation

There are several ways to save on installation costs. Some strategies still involve an installer, while others do not. Regardless of your plan, be honest about your DIY skills and capabilities.

Saving with an Installer

When you hire a reputable installer, let's say the quote is $30 per square metre for installation. Depending on your flooring type, installation can be the most challenging component. However, there are many DIY opportunities before the installation process, such as:
  • Removing and Reattaching Skirting and Trim: This is usually straightforward. Be careful not to damage the trim when reattaching it. Using a numbering system and marking any trims for all flooring types can help you know exactly where everything goes.
  • Installing Scotia: This is particularly easy and is a good idea to purchase from the same flooring supplier to ensure a match.
  • Removing and Disposing of Old Flooring: Depending on what you need to remove, this task might be labour-intensive but requires little skill. Just ensure you aren't damaging the subfloor.
  • Moving Furniture: By moving furniture and preparing the space yourself, you save on the installer's time and costs.
  • Selling Old Floorin: Believe it or not, you can sell old flooring on platforms like eBay, Gumtree, or Facebook Marketplace. Some people will pay to remove the flooring themselves, saving you disposal costs.
Cheapest Flooring Methods You Can Install Yourself

Installing your flooring can be more achievable and affordable than you might think. Consider the installation method and the type of flooring you use. Here are some points to keep in mind:
  • Time: Unlike professionals, you don't need to complete the job in a day or two. You can take your time, moving furniture and laying flooring in stages. This allows you to live around the area and avoid the stress of unrealistic deadlines.
  • Skill Level and Subfloor Preparation: Be honest about your ability to install flooring. If your subfloor is uneven or underprepared, you risk thousands of dollars worth of new flooring products. Read supplier guidelines carefully and ensure you meet all requirements.
Working with Adhesives

If you plan to stick your flooring directly, be cautious. Adhesives can be unforgiving if used incorrectly. Laminate is the most accessible flooring to stick directly, but floating your floor with a click-in locking system might be easier.

Locking Systems and Floating Your Floor

For DIY installations, using a click-in floor locking system and floating your floor is recommended. Hybrid flooring is the easiest option, while laminate flooring typically has stronger joins and is more forgiving during assembly. Cutting hybrid flooring is easier, requiring fewer tools.

Achieving a High-end Timber Look on a Budget

For high-end properties, using direct-stuck engineered timber flooring can be faster, cheaper, and safer than installing solid timber. Boards are pretreated and ready to be laid, saving time and money. Engineered timber also offers advantages like wider boards and more stability.

Choosing the Right Product and Supplier

Once you've decided on a product category, be critical of marketing claims and focus on the essential qualities of the product. Choose suppliers and retailers wisely, considering the company's size, reputation, and after-service care.

Reading the Flooring Quote Properly

When comparing quotes, look at the entire quote rather than itemising costs. Ensure the price includes GST and any other potential fees like freight or delivery.

By following these tips and being mindful of your choices, you can achieve high-quality flooring on a budget. Explore our blog for more detailed guides and recommendations to help you make the best decision for your flooring project.