Flooring Trends: What's Hot in Sydney Homes?

Flooring Trends: What's Hot in Sydney Homes?

Hello fellow homeowners! We all know you love lookin' sharp, and that goes for your floors too, right? So, what's the latest on the ground these days? Thinking of looking for a flooring supplier or building a new place? Here's what's hot underfoot in Sydney right now. From bold statement pieces to timeless classics, get ready to step up your interior game.

Flooring that's good for the planet

Nowadays, fashionable and eco-friendly are the buzzwords, and that’s where incredible sustainable flooring solutions can be seen.
  • Bamboo: This bamboo stuff grows super fast, which is good for the earth. Plus, it's tough and comes in all sorts of natural colours.
  • Cork: Cork flooring is another win for the planet. It's comfy on your feet and perfect for busy rooms in your house or apartment. Plus, it's got a cool natural texture.
  • Recycled wood: Want wood floors but also want to help the environment? Recycled wood is the way to go! It's made from old wood that's been given a new life, and each piece is unique.
Water-resistant warriors

Sydney's weather can come as a shock, and hence the trend for floorings that can handle spills and downpours has become popular. Don't want a floor freak-out after a surprise leak or a clumsy spill? Here's the deal on some awesome flooring options that can avoid the dangers of slips and spills:
  • Vinyl planks: They have several colours and styles to choose from. From the traditional wooden designs to the modern ones. They are easy to clean up, really sturdy, and resistant to all types of spills. Delightfully suited for hustle and bustle household or kitchen!
  • Laminate flooring: Another common water-resistant alternative, laminate looks just like real wood and cuts a cost. It's simple and yet it can be made in so many different styles you can imagine.
  • Engineered wood: Want the real wood look and feel but worried about spills? Engineered wood is your friend. It's like a special kind of wood that's more tough and handles moisture better than regular wood floors.
Adding character with flooring

Ditch the drab carpets! Sydney is stepping up its floor game with bold and unique choices that really make a statement. When it comes to revamping your floors, be sure to consider local strata renovation rules to ensure your plans are compliant.
  • Texture time: Textured flooring adds visual interest and dimension to a space. Think rough-hewn timber, distressed finishes, or even tiles with a patterned surface.
  • Bold & Beautiful Colours: Ditch the boring beiges and go for jewel tones, deep greys, or fun pops of colour. Think emerald green or burnt orange for a dramatic and stylish look.
  • Pattern Party: Want your floors to make a statement? Patterns are your friend! From classic herringbone to cool Moroccan tiles, there's a design out there to match your style.
Low-maintenance flooring options

Being in the city where time can be tight sometimes and require a proactive lifestyle, low-maintenance flooring is becoming a modern trend. Here are some top choices for those who want stylish floors without the hassle of constant upkeep:
  • Porcelain tiles: Porcelain is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, common spaces, and high-traffic areas because it is highly resistant to staining, moisture, deterioration, and other such factors. On top of everything else, they have a lot of colours, patterns, and even finishes comfortable for diversified styles.
  • Luxury vinyl planks: LVP, which visualises the look of wood and yet has durability like that of vinyl, is a wonderful look-like and low-maintenance choice for our busy living. They are super easy to clean, shatterproof and water resistant as well. By doing so, this kind of flooring can withstand massive foot traffic without losing its attractiveness appearance.
  • Concrete flooring: Industrial chic is the latest style, and concrete floors are exactly what you need. It is strong, stain-resistant and needs low maintenance. Besides, you can also personalise it by having lots of finishing options like stains, wood overlays, and many more.
  • Linoleum: Do not mistake its "old-school" image for a bad aspect. The linoleum flooring is back, and this is due to its eco-friendliness and low maintenance. Strong, easy to care for, and a ball of colours and patterns altogether.
Low-maintenance flooring is always a great choice as it saves your time for cleaning and may add convenience to your lifestyle. Due to this, you have the opportunity to spend more time leisurely in your house rather than cleaning it.

The rise of DIY flooring

With the best of the click-lock vinyl planks being easy-to-install flooring options now available, more and more Sydneysiders are giving DIY flooring a shot.
  • Snap & go floors: No more messy glue or nails! These new click-lock floors snap together, making them perfect for DIY weekends or for anyone who wants to save some cash on installation.
  • DIY floors: Be your own design guru! Make your space totally you, with flooring that fits your vibe.
Considering Hiring a Pro

Although the temptation to try out DIY flooring is alluring, it may at times serve you right for calling in professional help, particularly in case of complex installations or when you are tight on time. Floor installers, professionals in their field, will guarantee a perfect result and you do not need to deal with any possible failures. Besides, they can also provide you with valuable suggestions on the most suitable flooring type for your unique conditions and budget. Thus, before you embark on a DIY project, balance out the positives and the negatives, and then decide if hiring a flooring pro is just right for you.

Finding the best for you

Sydney seems to have some stylish floor fashion going on, however, the best floor will be the one that works for you and your budget. The main thing to be concerned with is the degree of wear and tear that the floor will experience the size of the area, and the atmosphere you want for your home.
Flooring is a big decision, so pick wisely! If you want some help navigating all the options, hit up a local flooring store. They're the experts and can help you find the perfect floor to make your Sydney place look even more awesome.