Grip Guard Anti Slip Floor Treatment

Grip Guard Anti Slip Floor Treatment

Having just completed major renovations, homeowners at Albert Park in Melbourne were preparing their house for sale. However, rainy weather highlighted the fact that floor tiles used in the renovation became dangerously slippery when wet.

The property owners were concerned that, during ‘open for inspections’, visitors to the property could slip and fall – certainly not a good selling point. Property owners are responsible for ensuring that all floors have adequate anti-slip properties whether floors are wet or dry.

Grip Guard anti-slip floor safety treatment was installed in the front entry, courtyard, balconies, and garage/workshop. The treatment increased the coefficient of friction (slip resistance) making the floors safer for those visiting the home.

Grip Guard anti-slip treatment does not change the appearance of the floor. Slip resistance is increased by a microscopic modification the pores of tiles or stone. Unlike anti-slip coatings, the treatment is not worn off by foot traffic and does not change the look of the floor. Colour and lustre remain the same after the treatment.

Grip Guard anti-slip treatment is applied by fully trained operators throughout Australia including Darwin, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and Adelaide as well as selected regional areas and New Zealand.