Grip Guard Assists Major Melbourne Hotel

Grip Guard Assists Major Melbourne Hotel

Grip Guard has recently assisted a major inner city Melbourne hotel to address floor safety concerns in guest bathrooms.

The beautiful, highly polished tile floors in the bathrooms create a luxurious and expensive look for hotel guests. However, shiny floors often lack the slip resistance required to ensure that they aren’t dangerously slippery when wet.

Management quickly decided to mitigate the risks of a guest falling and injuring themselves – especially around the large spa baths where patrons step out dripping with water.

Grip Guard non-slip treatment was applied to the floors in all bathrooms. Because Grip Guard is a treatment rather than a coating, there was no ‘down time’ and rooms could be used immediately following the treatment.

Grip Guard is also ideal for businesses and homeowners who want to ensure that bathrooms, swimming pools, outdoor patio – pretty much anywhere where floors can become wet from spills, tracking, or rain – are safe for pedestrians.