Grip Guard Non-Slip Floor Treatment Best Solution for Slippery Bathrooms

Grip Guard Non-Slip Floor Treatment – Best Solution for Slippery Bathrooms

Grip Guard non-slip floor treatment makes wet floors safer to walk on. In the bathroom where floors are continually wet from water dripped while bathing and showering as well as from condensation, it is essential that floors are treated to increase their slip resistance when wet.

Wet, slippery floors account for thousands of slip and fall accidents in the home every year. These accidents often result in serious injury, costing Australians millions of dollars every year.
Grip Guard non-slip floor treatment is not an anti-slip coating. Unlike non-slip coatings, the treatment is not a topical application that will wear away over time. Rather, the treatment creates a permanent, yet microscopic change to the tiles to make them slip resistant.

Unlike a floor etch, the treatment does not dull the surface or make it difficult to clean. Instead, the floor looks and feels the same (when dry), yet is much safer to walk on. Floors can be cleaned as per normal and no special maintenance is required.

The elderly and the young are at greatest risk in regards to slip and fall accidents for obvious reasons. Children are constantly on the move (usually running) which increases their chance of an accident. The elderly, due to reduce stability and a change in gait, are also very susceptible to the risks associated with slippery floors.

A simple home inspection is all that is needed to identify a dangerous floor. Grip Guard has distributors throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia who can provide obligation free slip testing and treatment demonstrations.

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