Grip Guard Non-Slip  Keeping the world on its feet

Grip Guard Non-Slip Keeping the world on its feet

Grip Guard Non-Slip is working hard to protect Australians from the dangers of slips and falls. By ensuring that all floor surfaces have the necessary anti-slip properties, the likelihood of serious injury to pedestrians is minimized.

Floors are especially slippery when they are wet. In fact, floors may have an adequate slip resistance when they are dry but suddenly, when water is tracked, splashed or spilled onto the floor surface, it becomes a potential disaster area.

The elderly and the young are at the greatest risk of slip and fall injuries. And, not surprisingly, the elderly suffer the greatest when they do fall. Statistics show that the majority of people over 65 who fall and break a hip, a very common injury in the elderly, the vast majority will not be alive in a year’s time.

Children, by virtue of their habit of running everywhere, are also at great risk. For these reasons, it is essential that all homeowners have their floors tested to ensure that they have the necessary non-slip properties to protect families and their visitors.

Grip Guard Non-Slip treatment modifies the floor surface to make it slip resistant without changing its appearance. And, believe it or not, the floor surface is usually less slippery wet than it is dry! Amazing, but true!

It is essential that all homeowners have a slip resistance test carried out on their floor surfaces to determine if they are safe. This will provide valuable information regarding the safety of floor surfaces.

If any floors are found to be unsafe, Grip Guard Non-Slip operators can recommend the appropriate anti-slip treatment to reduce the inherent risks of the floor surface. Floors can be walked on immediately after treatment and can be cleaned as per normal.

Grip Guard floor safety solutions are available throughout Australian including Victoria (VIC), South Australia (SA), Western Australia (WA), Queensland (QLD), Tasmania (TAS), and the ACT.