Non-Slip Floor Surfaces Essential in the Home

Non-Slip Floor Surfaces Essential in the Home

The importance of non-slip floor surfaces in the home is paramount to providing a safe living environment for families. Slip and fall injuries are one of the most common accidents in the home and the consequences can be devastating. The aged and the young are especially at risk if floor surfaces do not have a safe level of slip resistance.

A common injury for the elderly is hip fracture. Statistics show that over 25% of patients who break their hip will not be alive in one year. This is alarming! It is not necessary the actual injury that causes their death but often the lack of mobility during recovery that often leads to complications and death.

Children, too, are at greater risk of serious injury due to slip and fall accidents. We all know that children rarely walk anywhere that they go – they alternately run, skip, dance, spin and jump to their destinations. It is unlikely that we will (or want to!) change this childhood phenomenon. However, by providing non slip floor surfaces, we can significantly reduce the chance of a child slipping and falling on an unsafe floor surface and receiving serious injury.

Floor surfaces should be checked to ensure that they have the anti-slip qualities necessary. Grip Guard operators throughout Australia are trained to measure the slip resistance of floor surfaces and, if necessary, carry out the appropriate treatment necessary to ensure a non-slip pedestrian surface.

Grip Guard Non-Slip treatment is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and, unlike a coating, Grip Guard floor treatment is a floor modification treatment that changes the actual floor surface to make it slip resistant. The treatment causes no visible change to the floor surface and, unlike a coating, it will not wear off! As long as the surface is kept clean, the surface will be anti-slip for years to come.