Non-Slip Treatment for Tiles  Indoor and Outdoor

Non-Slip Treatment for Tiles Indoor and Outdoor

Architects, builders, and property owners have a legal obligation to specify or provide a safe anti-slip pedestrian surface for all buildings. A large majority of clients today are looking for a high gloss finish making this a difficult task.

Grip Guard non-slip treatment has allowed thousands of property owners to ensure that their pedestrian surfaces meet Australian Standards – both indoor and out.

Grip Guard is especially useful when property owners wish to use an identical tile for both indoors and outdoors. This is often not practical as outdoor areas can become very slippery when wet.

In addition, water is often tracked from outside onto interior floors making them dangerously slippery when wet. The same issue occurs in tiled wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens where water is splashed, spilled or dripped.

Grip Guard non-slip treatment is the solution to this problem. Grip Guard works in conjunction with major tiles suppliers, architects, and property managers to help clients have the aesthetic they want without sacrificing floor safety.

Unlike floor coatings that sit on the top of tiles and wear away over time, Grip Guard anti-slip treatment penetrates into the surface and permanently modifies the tile in a way that dramatically reduces the risk of aquaplaning, the most common cause of slips and falls.

Unlike floor etches, Grip Guard non-slip treatment does not alter the colour of the tiles and causes no discernable change in the appearance of the tiled floor. This is because Grip Guard does not chemically abrade the surface like etching compounds.

Grip Guard operators are available throughout Australia including Western Australia (Perth), Victoria (Melbourne), Tasmania (Launceston), New South Wales (Sydney), South Australia (Adelaide), Queensland (Brisbane), as well as regional areas. Operators provide obligation free demonstrations of Grip Guard non-slip treatment including slip resistance testing both before and after the treatment.