Pedestrian Safety - Non-Slip Floor Surfaces Essential

Pedestrian Safety - Non-Slip Floor Surfaces Essential

Slip/trip and fall accidents are much more dangerous than they sound. A person who slips and falls or trips and falls can sustain serious personal injuries and permanent disabilities. Every day, liability lawsuits are filed as a result of injuries sustained in slip and fall accidents.

In a recent slip and fall case, a major department store was sued because of claims by a customer that he slid on a wet substance that was on the store floor. The claimant says that, as a result, he injured his right knee, foot, and ankle, as well as his left hip. He also claimed that he sustained a disability that has prevented him from attending to his daily responsibilities and tasks. The claimant says that his slip and fall injuries have led to a great deal of pain and he has accrued medical expenses.

The department store is accused of negligence, including failing to properly maintain the store floor so that it was in a reasonably safe condition, failing to remove the slippery substance from the floor, failing to make sure the floor had a non-slip surface, and neglecting to warn the claimant that there was water on the ground.

Liability law states that the owners of private, commercial, or public properties can be held accountable for personal injuries if someone is involved in a trip and fall, a slip and fall, or a step and fall accident on the premises.

Grip Guard non-slip treatment was developed to help property owners ensure that any floor safety issues have been addressed. The treatment is suitable for all stone-based floors including ceramic, porcelain, terrazzo, concrete, marble, granite, and exposed aggregate.

Grip Guard has operators throughout Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane and Newcastle as well as many regional areas. Grip Guard non-slip treatment is also available in selected countries outside Australia.