Slip Resistance Testing & Floor Treatment Services

Slip Resistance Testing & Floor Treatment Services

Grip Guard Non-Slip is dedicated to keeping the world on its feet. With this in mind, Grip Guard operators provide obligation-free slip resistance testing as well as the most advanced non-slip floor treatment available.

Grip Guard Non-Slip’s flagship product, Grip Activator, is designed to make stone-based surfaces safe to walk on – especially when wet! Grip Activator is able to provide the necessary slip resistance to stone-based surfaces including ceramic / porcelain tiles, marble, granite, concrete, slate, limestone and terrazzo.

This unique anti-slip treatment does not change the appearance of the floor surface. Grip Activator treatment creates a microscopic tread pattern in the floor surface that raises the coefficient of friction to a safe level making the floor surface safe whether wet or dry.

Grip Activator non-slip treatment is ideal for swimming pool surrounds, kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, laundries, driveways…anywhere that slippery floors pose a danger to pedestrians.

Grip Guard’s anti-slip treatment is not a coating so that it will not wear off. In a domestic situation, without vehicular traffic, the slip resistance will most likely be effective for the life of the floor surface.

The slip resistance is increased by creating a sort of ‘microscopic tread pattern’ in the floor surface that dramatically decreases the chance of aquaplaning – the major cause of slip and fall injuries on wet floor surfaces.

Floors treated with Grip Guard non-slip treatment can be walked on immediately after treatment has been completed. There is no drying time and normal cleaning practices can be maintained.

Grip Guard operators are available to provide obligation free demonstrations and quotes throughout Australia in Victoria (Melbourne), New South Wales (Sydney and Newcastle), South Australia (Adelaide), Western Australia (Perth and Bunbury), Queensland (Brisbane), and Tasmania as well as internationally.