Slippery Swimming Pool Tiles  Major Safety Risk

Slippery Swimming Pool Tiles Major Safety Risk

Tiles around pools, alfresco dining areas, and other outdoor areas such as paths and driveways can be come very slippery when wet.

Often tiles are perfectly safe when dry but become very dangerous when wet. This is because tiles are designed to be relatively impervious to liquids and, therefore, it is easy to ‘aquaplane’ across the surface when it is wet.

Falls onto hard surfaces can have disastrous effects. In fact, slips and falls account for more emergency room visits than almost any other accident.

Grip Guard anti-slip treatment microscopically modifies floor tiles to make the slip resistant. The treatment is invisible to the naked eye but makes tiles much safer when wet.

Tiles treated with Grip Guard non-slip treatment can be cleaned as per normal and, since the tiles don’t feel rough, they won’t trip dirt and other contaminants in the pores.

Unlike non-slip floor coatings, Grip Guard treatment does not wear away. The treatment works its way into the surface and creates a long lasting slip resistant surface.