A guide to transit insurance

Love it or hate it, most of us take out insurance to cover us in the event that our belongings are damaged. When it comes to moving house though, so many of us forget that our household items are not covered during transit. If you think about it, it's extremely important that we DO use transit insurance when moving interstate - for instance, you television is much more likely to be damaged if it is being lifted from your home to a truck and is travelling in a moving vehicle than it is when it is just sitting wall mounted in your home!

As interstate removalists we are aware that a lot of people are not informed about what their home and contents insurance policies cover them for. The general assumption is that your home contents ARE covered during the move. More often than not, this is unfortunately not true. For many contents policies, your items are not covered as soon as they leave your address, or sometimes you may find you have a clause that covers items up to a set amount (this is usually intended to cover you for something like a lost watch on a day trip from your home, not the entire contents of your home).

Your best bet is to simply call your insurance provider to check what exactly you are covered for and to obtain some extra cover if necessary. Alternatively there are plenty of insurance companies that specialise in providing transit insurance for one-off purposes such as moving house or storing you furniture.