How to pack your washing machine when moving

How to pack your washing machine when moving

When it comes to moving house, ensuring your large appliances are correctly prepared for transport will greatly reduce the possibility of damage occuring.

Your washing machine is fairly simple to get ready to move. If you still have the operating instructions for your machine, they can be a handy reference point as they will indicate any measures you need to take when moving it. If you do not have the instructions, generally speaking for both top loading machines and front loading machines, the main thing you want to do is to secure the drum before moving it.

For front loaders this is normally do by inserting shipping bolts into the back of the machine (these would have come with your machine when you bought it). If you don't have them, they are readily available from appliance stores or the manufacturer.

For top loading machines you will need to wedge something such as pieces of foam down inbetween the drum and the sides of the machine to keep the drum still.

Another task to do before wrapping the washing machine in furniture blankets for transport, is to make sure it is clean by wiping the interior of the machine out, (it's handy to run an empty cycle with hot water to assist in ensuring the machine is clean).

You will also need to make sure that all the water is emptied out of the pipes when you disconnect them.

Always transport a washing machine in an upright position.