Important 4 Things People Forget To Do Before They Relocate

Important 4 Things People Forget To Do Before They Relocate

When it comes to relocating the house, there must be a hundred things running in your mind and it is understandable to forget to a thing or two in the hectic last week. To help jog your memory about the essential things you need to do, here are a few important things that people generally forget when they are relocating their house.

1. Collecting the Keys to Your Old House From Everyone Who Has One

We generally give out our house keys to our neighbours, our close friends and maybe the maid and the sitter. While we are busy at giving finishing touches to the last minute packing, we generally forget to collect the keys from everyone who owns it and give it back to the owner. If it is the last day and if you had forgotten to collect your key, give a ring to all these people and ask them to give it to you immediately. In case if some aren’t reachable, give the responsibility to one of your friends to collect the keys in your absence and submit it to the owner.

2. Pack and Open-First Box

This is something a lot of people forget when they relocate. This is an essential step that you should do the very first thing when you start packing kitchen followed by other important items. But in case if you have forgotten and it is the last day of your packing, then there are a few things you can do to remedy the situation.

You may still have some of the basic essential things lying around the house which you may need till the last day like the basic toiletries, kettle, tea bags, a few mugs, towels and so on. So ensure to pack all of it in a separate box and label it as an open-first box so that you can identify it once you reach your new home and at least survive on it for a day or two before you get to unpack your things.

3. Check and Clean the Refrigerator

As we may be using the refrigerator till the last day, we may often forget to get it prepared for the relocation and packing. It is important to switch off the refrigerator, unfreeze and clean it properly before you pack it into its appropriate box. If you forget to switch off and clean the refrigerator at least a good 12 hours before your relocation, there are high chances that the refrigerator may develop fungi all over and you are going to have a huge load of cleaning to do when you unpack it.

So ensure to switch the refrigerator a day before the relocation, clean them, keep it open and make it completely dry before you pack it.

4. Hiring a Relocation Company

Many people postpone hiring a furniture removal company till the few days and when they finally get to it, the professional and experienced removal companies will all be booked and they will have to settle for the new and inexperienced ones. To avoid all such problems, hire the relocation company at least two weeks before the relocation day you have decided especially when you are planning to move on the weekend or during the holidays.

Before two to three days of the relocation day, make a call to them and confirm your booking. If you have hired removalists for the packing, then you will definitely need to make the call to get the details about when the packing will be done and the preparation you need to do for the removalists to pack soon and efficiently.

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