Managed Storage Failcity or Self Storage Facility?

Managed Storage Failcity or Self Storage Facility?

Managed storage facility or self storage facility?

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Thank you for reading this page regarding self storage and managed storage facilities.

  • Self Storage Companies: Self Storage facilities may have managers / staff that work during business hours and / or after hours but these facilities only provide you with a storage space and on almost all cases will not put your goods away for you. You will need to do this work yourself or have a removal company do this for you. A removal company would, on most occasions be charging you an hourly rate for this service and / or any pre-packing required. Requesting an inventory and/or condition report may not be relevant as you would have the key lock of your storage space and if/ when you choose to move out most companies would not cover you for damages and/or missing items because you always had access yourself and potential problems would be hard to prove. Insurance is strongly recommended and will give you peace of mind.
  • Managed Storage facility: Managed storage facility typically is a removal company that has storage locations. They will offer you the benefit of pre-packing, performing an inventory of your goods, removal and safely placing your belongings into their storage facility. They will almost always have their own blankets, plastic covers and boxes to safely stow your goods and should not charge for this service as these materials are reused when you choose to move out. As noted above, charges do apply for the removal to / from their storage facility but you do not have to be at the delivery point because you (if requested) will have an inventory and/or condition report given to you prior to uplift. Access to a managed storage facility is typically by appointment only as your goods are safely put away in timber storage containers which need to be located and ready for access. This type of facility is definitely best for potential customers that do not wish to have regular access to their belongings. Insurance is strongly recommended and will give you peace of mind.

Self Storage facilities are best when?

  • You require constant access to your belongings and do not want to be charged for access fees.
  • You prefer to delivery your belongings yourself to the storage facility and don’t trust the efforts of a removal company.
  • You find removal companies too expensive and prefer to do the hard work yourself.
  • You wish to buy or use your own packing/ wrapping materials to put away to belongings and not have them dusty
  • You are not concerned about dust, potential insects etc with an open environment facility. Some Self storage companies do protect their facility well from vermin.
  • You are not concerned so much about potential 3rd parties tampering with your storage space whilst they are within the facility. Many reputable storage companies have monitored facilities but would require date/time for them to review any potential suspects.

Managed Storage facility is best when?

  • You do not require regular access to your belongings.
  • You prefer the same removal company that is picking up goods to safely stow them for you.
  • You do not want to pay extra for materials to stow, such as blankets, plastic bags and boxes etc for protection against dust etc.
  • You require short term storage when moving house and don’t want to commit to excessive minimum charges.
  • You prefer your belongings to be stored in an enclosed timber container up and away from potential dust and vermin.
  • You prefer to have a comprehensive inventory and/or condition report performed on your goods at uplift. Therefore, any access that you may require at their facility would require them to accurately adjust your inventory report. Not anyone can access your belongings and for this reason it is by appointment only.

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