Move Your Pool Table Without Getting Snookered

Move Your Pool Table Without Getting Snookered

A pool table is bulky, heavy, but also delicate – it is not an easy thing to move. These are the steps:

Disassembling Your Pool Table

1. Gather your tools (and helpers)
You will need a staple puller, a flathead screwdriver, a socket wrench, and a power drill. You should also have a pair of safety goggles. Ideally, you should have at least three people helping you.

2. Be prepared to label everything
There is nothing worse than trying to reassemble a pool table and having to fish around for the missing parts. Make sure you label the pieces and pack them together.

3. Remove the pockets
There are a few ways the 4 corner pockets and 2 side pockets could be attached; staples are most commonly used. Put your safety goggles on, lay beneath the pocket (on your back), and use your staple puller to carefully pry out the staples. If the pockets are screwed on, use the flathead screwdriver.

4. Remove the rails
These are usually attached with bolts – use the socket wrench to take them off. Slide the rails free. If the rails are attached at the corners, get a helper to flip them over so that you can detach them.

5. Remove the felt
This can be very tricky and time-consuming. If you make one wrong move, you will ruin the felt. If the felt is attached with staples, use the staple puller to carefully pry them off.
If the felt is glued on, carefully pull it back to remove it. Do NOT pull it up or pull it forward; you will warp or rip the felt. Fold the felt up to minimise wrinkles. If you will be replacing the felt, you can just tear it off.

6. Remove the slate
Use the power drill with the right bit to remove the screws attaching the slate, then take off the slate. Some manufacturers put beeswax on the screws – scrape that off with your flathead before removing the screws.
If your slate is one piece, it could weigh about 360 kg. If it has multiple pieces, each piece could be more than 100 kg. Make sure you have enough helpers who can handle the weight.

7. Wrap up the pieces
Detach the frame and legs and wrap the pieces in blankets or drop cloths. Put the frame at the back of the truck; the rails and legs go on top of the frame. You can stack the slate pieces but make sure they are well protected and won't jostle during the move. If you lack space, they can be beneath the frame. The slate pieces are specially matched, so breaking one means replacing the entire slate.

Reassembling Your Pool Table

This is not just a matter of putting things back together in reverse order. After putting the frame and legs back together – upside down and then flipped back over – you need to make sure that the slate is perfectly level with the ground when you put it back on the frame. Then you wax the seams and the screws. When you replace the felt, you will have to cut holes for the bolts, using a razor blade, and when that's on, push out any air bubbles or wrinkles. When you re-attach the rails, you also have to make sure there is no bubbling.

Time to Call the Experts
Southside Removals in Caringbah are not only experienced in removing pool tables, they will also see cracks and breaks in the frame and joints that may not be apparent to you. At the very least, you should consider having the professionals replace the felt and reassemble the pool table. Your pool table is worth the extra care.