Moving to Tasmania - Quarantine Requirements

Moving to Tasmania - Quarantine Requirements

If you are making the move from Mainland Australia to Tasmania, you need to be aware of the quarantine restrictions that are in place for all goods entering Tasmania.

Tasmania has very strict biosecurity regulations in place to protect its environment from introduced pests and diseases being introduced.

There are up-to-date lists available on the Biosecurity Tasmania website

When you are moving household items into Tasmania you will be required to complete a unaccompanied personal effects declaration document, declaring any items which may potentially be prohibited. On some occasions, Biosecurity Tasmania will want to carry out an inspection of your items if they deem there to be a biosecurity risk. If you are moving using a shipping container, this process is easily facilitated with our assistance and the inspection will generally be made within 24 hours of your shipping container arriving in Tasmania.

Some of the items that will need to be inspected or that may require permits are:
  • Fruit, vegetables and cut flowers
  • Bulbs
  • Plants / seedlings
  • Native birds
  • Other wildlife
  • Domestic animals
  • Soil (this includes any remains of soil that could be present on gardening items such as lawnmowers, leaf vacuums etc)

It is always better to be safe than sorry and declare anything that you may even be unsure about.