Storage and Packing Advice for Heavy Furniture

Storage and Packing Advice for Heavy Furniture

Moving can be stressful and hard work. Broken furniture, missing items or spilt contents can be avoided if care is taken during the start of the packing process. Don’t leave packing to the last minute. The rush to get it all done will lead to items being packed without care and getting damaged. Set yourself goals and write a list. You will thank yourself when easily unpacking and moving into your new home.

Large furniture should be paid special attention in the pre planning stage. They need to be loaded into the moving trucks first. Make sure the movers will be able to easily access them to avoid time delays. If the furniture can be disassembled then make sure you take the time to do so. Prevent dust and dents on your furniture by covering with old thick blankets and tape or tie it on. If the furniture has removable legs then be sure to wrap these and label them. Any small screws or parts should be placed in an old pillow case and kept with the piece of furniture. Always be very careful when dealing with heavy and large furniture to avoid any bumps or bruises.

Storing Furniture
If you are storing furniture careful attention needs to be paid to the threats of vermin and moisture. Treat your furniture with oils or balms that specialise in preventing moisture. Make sure the storage facility whether a hired storage locker or garage on private property is free from vermin. If you’re worried about termites or small fury animals wrecking your furniture look for treatment you can apply to the items to prevent this. Cover the furniture to avoid dust and store so the items are not going to be dented or damaged.

Look for these features when using a professional storage facility;
  • Climate Control
  • Safe and Secure building
  • Insurance
  • 24/7 Access
Unpacking your heavy Furniture
Once in your new home organising your new furniture placement should be arranged from the front to back. This will avoid denting and damaging pieces when trying to fit past. Look at the space before any furniture is moved in and have a tape measure to look at space. The last thing you want to happen is to realise the item does not fit or rearranging furniture numerous times until you are happy with the placement. The large and heavy furniture is often the key to your move.

They are the first to be packed and usually the rest of the home isn’t able to be unpacked until the pieces have been placed into their new spots in the new home. Take the time to pre plan the spots they are going to be placed in the new home. It will help in making your unpacking less stressful and happen more quickly.

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