Tree Removal Costs in Australia

Tree Removal Costs in Australia

A basic guide to price factors and cost of tree removal

Homeowners have different reasons for opting to have a tree in their property removed. Usually, it has something to do with the health of the tree itself or with how it affects, or will affect, the home and other structures around it.
When a tree is diseased, damaged, or dead; there’s no other choice but to remove that tree. Another reason for having a tree removed is when it is on the wrong location.
There are a lot of other reasons why people choose to remove a tree in their property. Once you recognize that there is a need to do it, you should avoid putting it off and have a professional arborist remove it right away to avoid any bigger problems in the future.
So, the next important question is, “How much does tree removal costs?”. The tree removal professionals in Brisbane have shared some great tips and expected costs to pay for homeowners.

Factors that Could Affect the Cost of a Tree Removal

A licensed arborists indeed inspect the tree that is subject for removal before providing a quote. This is because they consider the following factors before putting a price tag on each job:

Tree species
The structure of the tree itself, amount of foliage, hardness of its wood are some of the factors that the arborists consider in quoting for the job. If you are merely considering the tree species for quoting a tree removal job; Jacaranda, Conifer, Lilli pilli, and Silky Oak are among the easiest trees to work on. Eucalyptus, Radiata pine, and Norfolk Island pine tree are among the species that are more challenging to remove.

Size of the tree
Of course, size is one of the main factors that affect the pricing of a tree removal. The cost for the removal of small trees like the Lilli pilli, Jacaranda Bottle Brush is lower compared to the removal of gigantic trees like the Radiata pine, Eucalyptus/gum tree, Norfolk Island pine tree.

Condition of the tree
Removing a tree that has already fallen is a lot easier than a tree that is still standing, especially if it’s already a dead one. Dead trees are difficult to work with as the arborists need to work slower and strategically.

Cost of tree felling
How the tree will be cut down to its base is another factor that contribute to its cost. Also, removing the tree after felling is another strenuous and challenging task that will certainly affect the cost of the tree removal job.

Other factors that affect the cost of tree removal jobs:
  • Site safety
  • Accessibility
  • Waste removal and tipping fees
Cost of Tree Removal and Other Extra Expenses

There’s no fixed price or standard cost for a tree removal job. Therefore, it is not possible to get an exact quote prior to the arborist inspecting the tree in your property.

On the other hand, you can get the average cost for the job. A tree removal cost may range from approximately $200 to $10,000. Depending on where it stands on the several factors stated above, your tree removal can be affordable or it be quite an expense.
When getting a quote for the tree removal job, it is important that you are clear with all theinclusions in the price you are paying for. Besides the tree cutting and removal, there are other related costs that go with the job.

Council permits, stump removal, stump grinding, log splitting, and green waste disposal are some of the services that cost extra. The charges for these services may not be included in the general quote you will receive. So, it’s always best to check this with the tree removal company before any job.


Tree removal is the kind of service that needs to be handled by a professional. Not only do they have the technical skills and know-how to execute it properly, but they can do it in a way that is safe for everyone. More importantly, they know the ins and outs of tree removal in your Council.
With all the challenges and safety issues that tree removal entails, the cost is just well worth it. However, it is still advisable for you to research, ask around, gather quotes, so you can get the best quality of service that you can afford.