3 Installation Tips for an Even Longer-Lasting Shed

3 Installation Tips for an Even Longer-Lasting Shed

Sure, we’re confident that we offer you the best Aussie sheds you can find. And that means products using high-grade metal and timber materials and the latest technology. The quality of each item is also backed by a multiple-year warranty by the manufacturer.

But of course, it would only be to your advantage if you follow some reminders to help the shed last even longer. If you’re just about to buy one, it would be best to start taking the necessary care right from the shed’s installation. Here are three things you can easily remember and do:

Build on a clean spot.

If you wish to place your shed in an area shaded by a tree, make sure no big branches are threatening to fall on your shed. While steel sheds and even most timber sheds are quite sturdy, it would help stretch the lifespan of your shed if there wouldn’t be any debris or similar threats hanging on its roof.

ozkit flooringStart with the right foundation.

Most of our sheds can have a concrete or wooden base. The latter is recommended if you’re planning on moving to another location in the near future. If you prefer this, ask us about the Timber-Treated Flooring Kits (in photo) that we offer.

Make sure that your base is levelled and stable to hold the whole structure. Our sheds have their respective requirements for the base size; see to it that they are followed. You can always consult us on the best base for the shed that you want.

Increase durability with the proper accessories.

cyclone kit

Once you’ve laid the foundation, get the right materials to anchor the shed to it. For instance, our ABSCO Sheds have a prescribed Anchor Set to use with a concrete base. In addition, you can also consider our Cyclone Kit (in photo), which are available for most of our Garden Sheds to upgrade their cyclone rating.

Our sheds are made to last for years without any need for repainting, rust-proofing and other major maintenance jobs. But clean the shed regularly by hosing it down and checking any debris stuck on its roof to keep it functioning and looking good in your backyard for an even longer period.