3 Spacious, Ready-to-Install Sheds a Handyman or Gardener Would Love to Have

3 Spacious, Ready-to-Install Sheds a Handyman or Gardener Would Love to Have

If you’re into carpentry, gardening or some other similar hobby, for sure, you’ve been dreaming of your own secure space where you can store all your tools and work on that project. And if you’ve already been eyeing an ample space in your backyard for this, check out our selection of spacious sheds that are made for those like you who love DIY.

We’re featuring here our approximately 4.5m-wide sheds, which will give you enough room for storage and activity. All sheds are made of fine-quality steel. If you want an industrial, neutral look, go for the Zinc variety. Otherwise, choose one of those in Colour.

ABSCO Workshop 4.5m x 3m x 2.06m

absco workshop zinc
From the name alone, you’ll know that the Workshop range is made for the busy handyman. It provides more than enough room to keep tools and equipment and to have a workbench where you can accomplish every detail of your projects.

Available in Colorbond and Zincalume materials, it features a gable roof and double doors. And we do promise that we’re listing sheds that are easy to build. This one uses ABSCO’s patented SNAPTiTE Assembly System, which minimises the use of screws by about 80 per cent. It comes with a comprehensive 30-year manufacturer’s warranty.

ABSCO Highlander 4.48m x 2.26m x 2.3m

absco highlander color

All Highlander Sheds boast 2.035m wall height (2.3m at the gable). They are ideal for the taller hobbyists or for overhead storage. This 4.48m x 2.26m model comes with double doors and in Zincalume and Colorbond materials.

And also like the Workshop Shed mentioned above, it’s also manufactured by ABSCO. It also uses the SNAPTiTE Assembly System and comes with a 30-year warranty.

Spanbilt Yardpro Workshop 4.5m x 2.8m x 2m
spanbilt yardpro workshop
This Workshop Shed is made of weather-resistant, protectively coated steel materials with 0.3 BMT. It has both single and double hinged doors to give you easy access to the whole width of the shed.

Similar to the two sheds mentioned above, this Yardpro Workshop can also be built without the help of a pro builder. It uses the FASTTRAK Assembly System, which can be easily followed with the instructions included in the kit. Spanbillt, the maker of this shed, offer a 15-year warranty for this product.

Of course, these are just three of the various shed designs you’ll see on our site. If you wish for an even larger building, see our 6m Sheds. We can help you find the dimension and design that will fit your requirement.