3 Ways to Keep Children Safe Around Your Garage Door

3 Ways to Keep Children Safe Around Your Garage Door

Children near garage doors and on residential drives are at risk of injury due to their age, understanding of safety and their size. Fortunately, making sure garage doors in Adelaide households are safe for kids is easy, if you follow these top tips.

Modernise your current garage door
Old and ill-fitting doors, with broken hinges where little fingers can become trapped, or loose handles and locks causing doors to swing open in the wind and hit a child standing outside, should be replaced immediately. There are a number of custom garage doors in Adelaide that provide not only security for your vehicles, but peace of mind knowing they are fitted safely to ensure they do not pose a risk to children. If you fitted an automatic door many years ago, it would not have the security sensors in place that today’s doors have, which prevents doors closing when there is an obstacle (like a small child) in their way.

Teach your children safety rules
Depending on the age of your child, you must ensure that you have in place some rules around playing near or in the garage area. Adults must ensure the door is kept locked or if open then there is always an adult present. Fitting new and safer garage doors in Adelaide homes with proper locks will ensure the likelihood of an injury is reduced. Reminders that garages are not playgrounds is also important. Make sure that you are a good role model because your child will copy what you do, so when opening and closing the doors, make sure they see you checking to ensure no one is in the way. Encourage them to keep away and hold onto the family dog (if you have one) to keep them safe and they will start to understand garage doors are “no go” areas.

Keep the remote out of reach
Children (and adults!) are fascinated by seeing how a garage door opens and closes at the touch of a button. When putting the car away, first of all check where the children are, if young enough keep them in their car seat. Otherwise, they need to be in the house or supervised as you open and close your custom garage doors in Adelaide. For households with automatic roller doors, it is advisable to keep the remote out of reach. Otherwise, check with your garage door specialists to see where the button for the remote can be situated inside the garage at a height that youngsters cannot reach.

Speak to the professionals today and keep your children safe around your home. Here at AllStyle Garage Doors, our reputable team of professional specialists are dedicated to finding the right garage door for you. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for you.