3 Ways to Switch Up Your Garage Doors

3 Ways to Switch Up Your Garage Doors

Bringing both protection and security, garage doors are a fundamental asset to your home. Seeing as they make an impact to the overall impression a home holds, switching up your garage doors could just be the change that you need. Even if you’re looking to sell your house, upgrading the garage doors have been known to increase selling price points by a considerable amount!
So, here’s what you should know before you get in touch with your local professionals.

Beginning With The Basics
There isn’t a one-size-fits-all door so, consider approaching your specialist with the specifics on the dimensions of your opening. This would not only allow pricing accuracy but also identify selections that would work around your estimated budget. It’s easy to get lost in all the endless displays of attractive choices. Set a budget by balancing the expense with the value that it can add to your home and decide on your upper limit.

Next, make your decisions based on how the garage space would be purposed. Would you be opting for a traditional garage used for parking and storage only, or might you need some insulation to use it as a workspace? Bonus point: R-value measures a door’s insulation; a higher R-value would work more effectively at keeping cool/warm air in during the summer/winter.

Figuring Out Your Style Preference
If you find yourself undecided, this would be the best place to peruse the internet or visit the professionals on options at hand. You would most likely come across conventional choices like garage roller doors or raised panel doors which has a wide range of materials and designs to fulfil any taste. Garage roller doors are constructed with metal tracks that run along the perimeter. The doors are navigated ajar and sealed with the help of wheels located on the track. A popular brand typically selected and known for its designs as well as service is B&D Garage Doors.

More garage door styles include that of the carriage style, which looks like an old-fashioned barn or carriage door. This variation comes with either rollers or could swing out, mimicking the originally inspired design.

Lastly, we have the more contemporary garage doors with glass or steel panels.

Moving On To The Material
You can’t go wrong by selecting steel when taking into account durability and need for maintenance—especially considering the seasonal effects. They are a perfect fit for contemporary or mid-century modern homes, but can also be customised to fit any style or overall look. Not only that, this favourable material also has a high R-value!

Wood is probably weighed as one of the most common materials for a garage door. Timber garage doors in Adelaide are both widely known and used due to their customisable ability in suiting just about any style of home. However, it is also important to note that wood garages would require a higher budget point.

Now if that proves to be too expensive, perhaps the faux wood at B&D Garage Doors would be right up your lane. Along with the customising options, your guests would probably find it hard to distinguish these doors with actual timber.

Finally, think about having windows on your door. They are not necessary and may even add to the costs, but if you choose to double your garage as a workspace, this is the way to go!

The most important thing is that these doors appeal to your intended aesthetics. To do so, you would definitely need professionals to both install and service your garage door on the regular. This would ensure full functionality while protecting your investment. At AllStyle Garage Doors, we have nearly 50 years in perfecting the craft of creating appealing garage doors in all shapes and designs. Get in touch with us and watch us transform your house into a home.