4 Key Factors To Consider When Replacing Your Garage Door

4 Key Factors To Consider When Replacing Your Garage Door

Replacing your garage door isn’t something you have to do often, but it is a very important job. If you make a mistake, it will be either costly and a hassle to fix, or you will be stuck with the mistake for a long time, due to how big and long-lasting a job it is. Here is a list explaining the 4 most important things to think about when replacing, or buying your garage door.

Choosing the Right Material is Key
The choice of material for your garage door is a vital one, and you should consider all your options in detail and with an open mind. Timber garage doors are almost always the best looking. However, they tend to be less well insulated, and require a little more maintenance in the form of staining and painting than steel or aluminium doors. With this in mind, a well-maintained wooden garage door can last a lifetime. Aluminium garage doors are the cheapest and lightest, meaning they are easier to install manually, yet they are also the easiest to dent because aluminium is a weaker material. Steel garage doors are generally better insulated and require less maintenance than wooden doors, making them the most common garage door type.

Don’t Forget the Rest of Your House
Curb appeal is one of the key things that should be on your mind when considering to replace your garage door as it is one of the primary features of your home. An easy way to ensure your garage door looks great is to ensure it matches your front door. You wouldn’t want to put a lovely wooden carriage-style door on a modern-style home, nor would you want a glass or aluminium garage for an old countryside manor.

Windows on a new garage door also add a lovely touch to the curb appeal of your house, bringing the overall home together. Many people wouldn’t even consider windows on their garage doors as they don’t realise the difference it can make to a home. The shape of the windows, and their size are both things that need to be thought of carefully to maximise their impact to the attractiveness of your house. Practically, windows also add light and you would save on electricity if you’re working in the garage during the day.

Insulation Can Save You Money!
Different garage doors are given different insulation values to signify how energy efficient and how much money your new garage door can save you. Many people don’t think they really need insulation for garage doors and the extra cost isn’t worth it. However, if you live in a cold climate, plan to heat your garage, or have living spaces above it, then it is definitely worthwhile in the long run. A better insulation value tends to go hand-in-hand with increased cost. This is only the initial cost, and doesn’t consider the savings in the long term.

Securing Your Valuables
You should also look into the security of your garage door, and how easy it might be to break into, as well as the different options for operating it. Consider which different mechanism and accessories that will be easiest for your intended use; be it for your car, or as a general storage space that you would be walking in and out of.

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