5 Garage door trends you need to know for 2017

5 Garage door trends you need to know for 2017

From keeping your vehicles and belongings secure to enhancing your property’s kerb appeal, your garage door plays a very influential role in your garage’s functionality, everyday living habits, and even your home’s external appearance.

If 2017 is the year you plan on getting a new garage door, or perhaps you simply want to update the look and feel of your home, read on to learn about key garage door trends that people are talking about these days.

1. Smarter garage doors
As it turns out, remote controlled garage doors are only the tip of the iceberg. These days, many garage door companies offer garage doors that come with a range of technological features, including wireless/keyless entry, smartphone-controlled B&D garage doors, and much more.

2. Go big or go home
Did you know that your garage door could account for over 60 percent of your home’s kerb appeal? Larger garage doors are becoming more and more popular with homeowners, and as long as they are well designed and complement the rest of the property, they can really transform and lift the exterior of your home – in a good way!

3. The sustainability factor
Garage door insulation plays an important part in insulating your property, particularly if your garage is attached to your house. Don’t just worry about how well insulated your house is; investing in energy efficient features for your garage door could also make a difference to your energy bills each month.

4. Consider different materials
When it comes to garage doors, wood might be the standard option, but it certainly isn’t the only one. For a really contemporary and trendy touch to your home, why not consider glass? Frosted glass in particular is a rising trend for garage doors, although you will want to make sure that a glass garage door complements the rest of your house in terms of style and design.

5. Go ahead, make a statement
If your garage door is one of the first things that people see when they approach your house, then it certainly pays to ensure that your garage door looks amazing and enhances your property’s kerb appeal. The size of your garage door aside (refer to point 2), another way to make a statement with your garage door is by paying attention to its features. Think about the window trims, shutters, front door and general style of your home, and try to incorporate some of those design and colour elements into your garage door, perhaps with accent colours or interesting shapes.

Garages are no longer just a space for parking the family vehicle(s). Particularly if you have space to spare in your garage, more and more people are using their garages in creative ways, including as a workshop, home office, or even a man cave! Having the right garage door will make a big difference to the feel and functionality of your garage, so if a new door is on the cards for you, do speak to a reputable garage door expert today to explore your options.