Autumn Garden Care Basics You Shouldn't Forget

Autumn Garden Care Basics You Shouldn't Forget

The days are getting cooler, and some parts of Australia are getting their annual dose of rainfall. If you’re living one of those areas, you should remember to maximise what the season brings for you to have a better backyard.

Now’s a great time to double up on maintaining your garden and even bring in new plants. In fact, there are some other basics you can and should do to further improve your blooms and greens.

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Get the weeds out and cut the dry leaves and twigs off your trees, shrubs, etc. Remember to mow the lawn before raking, since you’ll get best scarifying results with short, dry grass.

Check also for worms and other pests, which tend to feast on plants at this time of the years, especially after the rain. Pull out infested plants, if necessary, to avoid transferring the trouble to the rest of your garden. Make sure you call experts if professional treatment is needed.

New Plants

Particularly if you’re saying goodbye to some plants, bring in the new right away. At this time, the soil is usually in an ideal state to help the roots to grow. This will give you a good start before the even colder months come.

Stay positive and don’t be impatient at winter time when you might not see much growth in your new plants. Wait and see until they become picture-perfect for spring.


Many people think that rainfall can replace the daily watering the plants need. Especially for potted ones and those that are just sprouting, always check that they’re not drying out easily during this season. Not just a few gardeners make this mistake and wonder why they’re left with dying plants when winter arrives.

And for your gardening tools, they’re best kept in sturdy storage units like our ABSCO Garden Sheds. Check out those with gable designs, which keep dried leaves and other debris from gathering on the roof.