Benefits of garage roller doors

Benefits of garage roller doors

Garage roller doors make a difference to your everyday living with a number of benefits that at first glance, may not seem so obvious to the householder.

Ease of use
Garage roller doors are very easy to open and close, which is a bonus if you have any mobility difficulties, or if you want to get parked quickly and in time for the all-important footie game. Due to the roller mechanism, the doors roll up and over smoothly once unlocked. It doesn’t take up a lot of head space in the garage either. They do not catch the wind, unlike the traditional swing doors which can be a danger if they happen to be flung open by a strong breeze.

Increased usable space
As mentioned, due to the compact nature of the roller mechanism, the doors roll upwards and not outwards, like the traditional door. This is invaluable if you don’t have a lot of space or need to park your vehicle close to the garage. Headspace in a garage is also freed up by the compact drum mechanism, which helps to roll the door tightly. This ensures the maximum clearance height for your vehicles and gives you the added advantage of using the garage roof as an additional storage space.

Security and peace of mind
It is not just your vehicles which are kept in the garage. Other items of garden equipment, bicycles and leisure equipment, which when you add up to the cost, can come up to quite a few dollars. As garages are often the point of entry for unwanted intruders, note that having these sturdy and lockable garage doors can help to act as a deterrent in keeping both the property and other household equipment safe.

Added value for the home
Not only are roller doors practical, but they are also very stylish and can come in a range of colours, to suit and complement your property. They will add that much talked about “kerb appeal” to the home. In addition, they increase the overall value of the property when it comes to selling up and moving on. Even if you are planning for a renovation of the home, it is worth talking to your local garage door experts about the overall look you are aiming for, so that you can choose a door that fits in perfectly with your design.

Improved insulation
The garage often has to double up as a workshop and tool store, as well as a safe and dry place to keep your vehicles. When the weather gets colder, the last thing you want to be doing is to stand in a cold and uncomfortable work environment. Having roller doors fitted will actually help improve insulation in the garage.

Easy to maintain
Finally, one of the top benefits of these doors is that they are very effortless to maintain and clean. Forget the hassle of garage door repairs – with garage roller doors, it will be an easy job to keep their good looks for many years to come.