Designing a New Garage? Here Are Some Tips

Designing a New Garage? Here Are Some Tips

Garages are an important part of the family home. When designed and constructed well, they provide valuable and secure shelter for vehicles, equipment and other belongings, as well as boost a property’s value.

These days, with the wide range of building materials, garage door designs and garage door accessories available, garage door design is slowly but surely getting the attention it needs, and designing the garage of your dreams is easier than ever. If you are in the market for a new garage, engaging a trusted garage door professional is only part of the job. There is so much that you will need to consider so read on for some helpful tips:

Attached vs. detached

Garages can be either attached to the home or detached, and while a lot of the older housing designs come with detached garages, you might be hard pressed to find a contemporary home without an attached garage. When it comes to functionality and convenience, an attached garage is difficult to beat – imagine being able to take your time with loading and unloading your vehicle without having to worry about cold, wet weather.

On the other hand, attached garages can be quite limited in terms of design options, so you might want to consider its benefits depending on your requirements. Among the advantages of a detached garage are:

· Often looks better than an attached garage
· More design options in terms of building materials and even its location
· Prevents toxic fumes from vehicles and equipment usage from getting into the house
· Allows for easier adding on of features such as a living space above the garage, etc.
· Perfect for serving as a home office or workshop as it keeps noise, equipment, fire hazards, odours, etc. away from the main house

Internal garage access vs. front door access

For many homes with an attached garage, entry into the home takes place through an internal door, often passing a laundry or utility room of some sort. While convenient, this is not necessarily the most aesthetically pleasing way to enter your home.

If you prefer to use your front door, particularly if you have worked hard to make your main entrance as welcoming as possible, then you will need to consider how your garage will affect your daily routines and access.

Street facing vs. angled away from the street

Many garages, particularly those that are attached to the main house, have entrances that face the street. This makes them part of the property’s main façade, which may or may not be the most aesthetically pleasing option.

Instead of having your garage facing the front of your property, consider angling its entrance away from the street. Many experts agree that a 90-degree offset from the house is ideal, although even a 45-degree angle is enough to have a positive impact on your property’s kerb appeal.

Design and materials

Not all garages are created equal and they certainly do not all have to look the same. Instead of the typical garage design and structure, why not try something a little different such as having a timber garage door, and see how you can design your garage to look like part of the house? Particularly if you have chosen to have an attached garage, there is no rule that says you cannot match its siding, trim, entry doors and even windows with what’s on the house for a cohesive look.

Location and functionality

Last but not least, do take into consideration daily use and other factors such as location and environmental elements. Situating your detached garage at the bottom of a slope might make it harder for you to carry your groceries to the house, for example, or it might even carry a risk of flooding, which would affect what and how you store items and equipment. On the other hand, if you plan to use your garage as a workshop, having it built at the bottom of the garden, as far away from the main house as possible, would bring distinct advantages in terms of privacy and noise.

If you need any help when it comes to designing your new garage, contact us today and one of our friendly staff will be able to assist and provide you with an obligation free quote.