Garage Door Repairs You Can DIY and When You Should Call In The Experts

Garage Door Repairs You Can DIY and When You Should Call In The Experts

Your garage door is often the largest movable object in the home, making its maintenance vital for keeping you and your loved ones safe. There are a number of routine maintenance jobs that you could DIY to help increase the safety of your garage door and minimise repair costs. On the other hand, there are some garage door repairs that require close inspection from a professional garage door service company no matter what.

From springs, tracks and rollers, to gears, cables and seals - this is a rundown of common garage door repairs you can do yourself, and garage door repairs that require the assistance of experts.

Garage Door Repairs You Can DIY

· Lubricate Springs and Moving Parts

Keeping your garage door well lubricated is always important. Be sure to use a garage door lubricant rather than WD40 as this causes premature rust to appear. Applying a lithium or silicone spray to the top part of the chain rail, stems, hinges, metal rollers, arm bar, nubs and the locks could significantly reduce any noise issues and keep your garage door opening easily and smoothly.

It’s also recommended that you should clean the garage door track regularly. Be sure to wipe the inside portion of the track with a wet cloth before wiping it down with a dry cloth. In this case, WD40 is useful for any sticky areas on the track.

· Dents

Dents in your garage door can be common and can accumulate over time but these dents can be easily fixed with a simple DIY garage door repair. Begin with washing off a dented area with soap and water, before allowing it to dry. Follow this by covering the area with aluminium foil and running a lit lighter across the foil to heat it. As the area remains hot, use a condensed can of CO2 and spray the heated foil. This should cause the dent to pop back into place.

The extreme change in temperature causes dents to disappear and return to its original form. More stubborn dents, however, are immune to this neat DIY trick and require the work of a seasoned garage door professional.

· Inspect Springs and Cables

It’s recommended that you should always give your springs and cables a visual inspection at least twice a year. Be sure to be on the lookout for any rust or worn ends in the springs, while keeping an eye out for any rust or fraying in the cables too.

It’s crucial that you never fix cables or springs yourself, and in the case that you do notice any wear and tear - be sure to call professional garage door repairs in Adelaide for further assistance.

When You Should Call in Professional Garage Door Repairs

· Off-Balanced Door

Your garage door should be able to raise off the ground a few feet, while maintaining a straight line. If your garage door fails to maintain a straight line, your door is probably out of balance. This puts extra pressure on your gears, which could result in wearing them out or even cause them to break. This will also inevitably run the risk of knocking the door off its tracks, which will also require the assistance of a professional.

· Damaged Garage Door Springs

As mentioned before, it’s wise to inspect your garage door springs for rust or fraying. This way, if you do suspect a problem, you can call in a professional immediately to see what needs to be repaired. Garage door springs can be put under intense amounts of tension. If a spring were to suddenly release or break, it could cause serious harm or could even be fatal. Be sure to always call a professional to fix any problems with your garage door spring.

· Garage Door Comes Off Its Tracks

If your garage roller door comes off its tracks, it’s crucial to stop operating it immediately. Never try to force it as this could cause significant and costly damage. In the case of a garage door coming off its tracks, the track may need to be straightened or some panelling may need replacing. Be sure to call a professional garage door repairs service immediately to avoid any serious harm and long-term damage.

Maintaining your garage door regularly could be the difference between keeping you and your loved ones safe and putting them in danger. If you’re having problems with your garage door, it’s important to take these pointers into consideration, so you can determine whether you should do it yourself or whether it may be best to call a professional immediately. Get in touch with the team at AllStyle Garage Doors today. With over 45 years’ experience in the region, they’ve become one of the most trusted local names.