Get Your Garage Door Winter-Ready With These 6 Essential Tips

Get Your Garage Door Winter-Ready With These 6 Essential Tips

As winter approaches and temperatures drop, it is crucial to ensure your garage door remains functioning in its optimal condition. A malfunctioning garage door during cold weather can be highly inconvenient; can you imagine being locked outside your home in the cold because your garage door is frozen shut?

Fortunately, there are several preventative measures homeowners can take to ensure their garage door functions smoothly throughout the cold season. In this article, we will explore six valuable tips to winter-proof your garage doors in Adelaide.

1. Lubricate all the moving parts

With low temperatures and extra moisture now more prevalent, your garage door rollers, tracks, springs, and hinges may stiffen, hindering them from opening and closing smoothly.

Applying an even layer of oil-based lubricant to all the metal moving parts of your garage door will ensure they do not stick to each other and allow your garage door to open and close effortlessly.

When you do this, remember to wipe off any excess lubricant to avoid dripping onto the floor and staining your garage, as it can become a fall hazard.

2. Replace the weather stripping

Over time, the rubber weather seal strip on the bottom of your garage door can become brittle or cracked. This is particularly problematic during winter as a significant temperature drop is expected.

Maintaining weather stripping is crucial as it acts as a seal between your garage door and its opening, keeping out adverse weather and preventing moisture and cold air from seeping inside. It also helps prevent mould from developing on your garage door and surrounding area.

It is recommended that you regularly inspect the weather stripping around the frame of your garage door for anything loose or ragged and have it promptly repaired or replaced by professional garage door experts.

3. Regularly inspect and change the rollers

When it comes to the extensively used parts of your garage door, it is best to regularly inspect and replace them to ensure optimal performance. One such part is the rollers – they should be inspected preferably twice a year.

In addition, you should consider replacing your garage door rollers every seven years, especially if the door is frequently used. However, worn, chipped, or cracked rollers should be replaced promptly to maintain smooth operation and prevent costly repairs down the road.

4. Check and upgrade the garage door opener

Australia’s extreme weather conditions can adversely affect your garage door opener, also known as an external keypad.

Cold temperatures can drain the opener's battery faster; so, it is essential to replace the batteries in advance to avoid being stranded outside your home in the cold. Similar to other working parts of a garage door, if your opener or keypad shows signs of wear and tear, it may be time for an upgrade.

If you are unsure of which opener or keypad best suits your home, contact an experienced garage door professional to help you select the right one for your home and lifestyle.

5. Organise your garage efficiently

Heavy snowfall and adverse conditions can lead to the build-up of ice and snow around your garage door. This can make it difficult for you to open and reach much-needed tools such as your shovel.

To overcome this challenge, store essential winter items and tools near the entrance of your garage, allowing easy access even during harsh weather conditions. It is also wise to consider installing hooks and shelves near the entrance for added convenience.

6. Examine your garage door regularly

One of the best ways to maintain your garage door in its optimal condition, regardless of the weather, is to conduct regular inspections for any signs of damage.

Steel doors may develop rust spots that require sanding, priming, and painting, while wooden doors need to be checked for water damage, warping, as well as chipped and peeling paint. Additionally, you should also take the time to regularly wash your garage door with a mild all-purpose cleaner to ensure it always looks great.

Schedule regular garage door maintenance with the experts

Do not let winter catch you off guard with a malfunctioning garage door. The last thing you want is for your garage door to be unable to open or close properly when you need it most. We hope these six essential tips will help you prepare your garage door for the cold weather, ensuring it remains fully functional throughout the season.

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