Get your garage organised in 3 steps

Get your garage organised in 3 steps

The garage might have been originally intended as a safe and clean spot to store your car at night, but the truth is most people use it as a storeroom and park their cars in the driveway instead. In fact, it has been estimated that only 30 percent of people actually store their cars in the garage, because for the other 70 percent, their garage is so full of stuff that they cannot fit their cars into it as well.

Are you one of the 70 percent? If so, isn’t it time to de-clutter, clear and clean out your garage so you can actually park your car inside it, out of the sun, wind and rain? Get your garage organised; all you have to do is follow these three steps, and you will soon be on your way.

Step 1: Set aside a block of time to go through everything in your garage. Depending on how much stuff you have in there, it might be a full day, an entire weekend, or maybe even a few days spread out over two or three weekends. Get the whole family (and maybe even some friends) involved – you’ll get through everything a lot faster that way.

Step 2: Go through every single box and container in your garage, and sort everything into three piles: keep, throw, and donate or sell. Leave no item unturned. Items that you and your family no longer use, things that are broken beyond repair, and products that have expired should all be disposed of.

If you come across an item that has not been used in the last two years, get rid of it. Chances are you won’t use it again, and you won’t even miss it. Items that are for keeping should also be sorted into their respective categories – for example, hand tools, camping gear, sports equipment, etc. – properly stored and clearly labelled where necessary.

Tip: When it comes to garage storage and organisation, open shelves are better than cabinets because they are cheaper, stored items can be clearly seen and more easily accessed, and they take up less space (read: no swinging doors). And of course, transparent plastic containers are also better than cardboard boxes.

Step 3: In addition to sorting everything and making sure that they have been properly stored in the right cases, boxes and containers, you will also need to decide where exactly to position them. Here are four simple guidelines:
  • Items that will be used together – for example, lawn chemicals and garden tools – should always be stored close to each other for convenience.
  • Bulky items such as lawn mowers, camping gear and spare baby strollers should go in the corners so they won’t be in the way or get bumped into by your car.
  • Items that are used regularly – sporting equipment, for instance – should be positioned closer to the garage door for easy access.
  • Rarely used items, including family keepsakes and children’s toys that you plan to reuse later on, should go onto the highest shelves and in the hardest to reach spots.
Tip: Don’t forget the ceiling! The garage ceiling is great for hanging long, flat items that you don’t use regularly, such as certain types of seasonal sporting gear and ladders. Just make sure that whatever you hang from the ceiling doesn’t affect the operation of your garage door, including B&D roller doors, and doesn’t scrape the roof of your vehicle.