How Much Does a New Shed Cost?

How Much Does a New Shed Cost?

You may want to get a shed for various reasons. For instance, you may be looking at having more storage space or using it as a workstation. Sometimes, you may consider using it as a guest room or convert it into a playground for the kids. Whatever the reason, you should only hire a professional with the basic knowledge and skills for shed installation. Otherwise, you’ll end up losing a lot of money to people who claim to be perfect only to disappoint you in the end. So, what are the factors that determine the amount you’ll spend to get that ideal shed? Let’s dive in!

Factors That Affect the Cost of a Shed

Shed prices vary a lot depending on the following factors:

Typically, you’ll spend more on large farm sheds. Bigger sheds require more material and are labour intensive. You should know the size of the shed that you’re looking for. Often, the shed you pick depends on the amount of space you want to part with. It is best to contact experts before deciding on the type of shed you want to put up for your needs.

The price of your shed will vary depending on the length, height, and width. Also, the material you choose for your shed goes a long way to determine the amount you’ll spend on the installation. For instance, you’ll likely pay more for Colourbond sheeting than zinc sheeting.

Moreover, the price of your shed may vary depending on whatever you’ll be using it for. If you are looking forward to constructing large machinery shed, the costs will be high because it will need more outfitting.

Supply vs Install
When you live far from where you can outsource the building materials, expect the price of installing your shed to go up.

Sometimes, you want a unique shed that can only serve your needs. The customization process involves a lot of detailing, and you may need to buy extra items, which results in a higher shed cost. Always go for a custom shed supplier who can help pick the suitable shed for you.

The location of your shed may also determine the materials that you’ll use to make it perfect. If your shed doesn’t have any obstructions around, you’ll need to cater for the costs of wind shielding. The price may also increase depending on the soil classification of the site, delivery location, or shed’s concrete design.

Average Shed Prices
You’ll spend $500 for 2m x 2m small residential garden sheds. For a 6m x 6m medium-sized residential shed, you’ll pay something close to $6000. If you are looking for a 9m x 6m residential shed, you should have some $7000-$8000 ready. For bigger rural sheds, you are likely to spend between $15,000-$16,000.

It would help if you always went for the best shed installers to make your idea a reality. Such professionals will give you get the best value for your money. Also, you can always get a quote from them to know how much you’ll likely spend.