How to convert your carport to a garage

How to convert your carport to a garage

A carport is a very useful hard standing area for vehicles, but having a garage certainly gives you more storage space and a safer place to keep the car (and other belongings) under lock and key. Converting your carport to a garage is a quick way to add value to the property; however, there are a number of points that need to be considered before making the decision to do so.

Check out local planning regulations
Before carrying out any renovations to a property it is important to check whether you need consent. Not only that, but if the carport is attached to the home there may be a need to get a fire rated wall on the house side as well. Measure up the floor space to make sure that you have enough width for the vehicles and enough height to ensure adequate storage.

Get someone with experience to draw up the plans, as the overall layout is really important. This is going to include all the openings needed for doors and windows. Plus if the end of the garage is near the boundary line between you and the neighbours, you may need a land surveyor to ensure that all the setback distances and boundaries are respected.

Prepare the area
The current roof and drainage on the carport may not be suitable for a garage, so decide on how a heavier roof will be supported. Check if the current hard standing area is going to be able to support the additional walls and weight. Is there suitable drainage for the water that will run off the garage guttering? Is there an adequate slope at the threshold of the door so water runs away from the property? This should be factored into the plans before any form of building work takes place.

Decide on the overall look and design, which should blend seamlessly with the look of the property. Think about what type of materials will be used to build the walls, the type of roofing material that is going to be appropriate for the overall design and the finish of the doors (and windows if applicable). Consider the electrical sockets or plumbing if adding outside taps or using it as a laundry area.

Adding the walls and door
A professional builder will take care of building the walls with adequate damp proofing and insulation. The height of the door header has to be factored into the build, and a planned opening left for the garage doors. Once the walls are up then it is ready for the access door and windows to be installed.

Solid timber garage doors are a popular and good-looking option, and can be made to measure or bought as standard. These will also give you peace of mind when it comes to security. These days, there is a wide range of timber doors available to fit in with any design so make sure you speak to a reputable garage door expert about your options.

As a final step, remember that with timber doors, and indeed any kind of garage door, it is important to check that the frame is prepared and fitted according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This will ensure that the garage door fits correctly and opens or closes smoothly, and with that, your conversion from carport to garage is complete.