How to maintain your garage roller doors

How to maintain your garage roller doors

It is often easy to overlook the care and maintenance of garage doors. Not only do they keep the dirt, dust and weather conditions at bay, but they also contribute to the security of the home and the overall look and kerb appeal of the property.

Factoring in garage door maintenance into the overall housekeeping maintenance routine makes sense. If the doors are left without any care and attention, some serious complications can arise. Following these simple tips will extend the life of your garage roller doors for a number of years to come.

Carry out regular visual checks
It is a good idea to carry out a quick visual check of the doors themselves, as well as the roller mechanism once a week. Make sure you also check the hinges and the locks to ensure everything is working as it should. Remove any pieces of debris (such as leaves blown in from the garden) from the roller movements and check for signs of rust.

Clean the doors on a regular basis
Take a soft bristled brush to sweep out any dust and dirt from between the roller door layers. Afterwards, use a large household sponge to wipe down the door and check for any signs of rust or damage so that you can get this repaired before it gets any worse. You should do this at least once a week.

Clean down the doors with a mild detergent regularly. Check with your roller door specialist to ensure you use one that is not too abrasive. With a sponge and some warm water, add the detergent and then work your way across the roller door cleaning and removing the debris as you go.

Once dried, you can apply a layer of wax which helps water to run off, protect it against the sun and give the doors a really shiny finish.

Don’t forget the lubrication
The smaller parts of the roller doors will last longer if they are regularly given a quick spray of oil. Remember to make sure that you don’t overdo the lubricant. You will need to check with the manufacturer’s instructions or speak with your local garage roller door professional to ensure you are using the right type of oil. This and any other lubricant has to be applied in a thin coat. If you use too much, this is going to attract dirt and other debris in the air, which leaves you with a sticky mess – hindering the roller door instead. The proper way to do this is to put a drop of oil on each roller. When it begins to roll, oil will then get drawn into the bearings.

Check the electrics
If you have an automated door, it is really important to make sure that there are no electrical faults that can cause the door safety mechanism to fail. Once every year, ensure you get a professional to check and never attempt electrical garage door repairs by yourself. When in doubt, always speak to a professional roller door specialist.