Maintenance Tips For Your B&D Garage Door 

Maintenance Tips For Your B&D Garage Door 

B&D have been Australia’s go-to garage door manufacturer since as long as we can remember. And while there’s no doubt they produce tough, high-quality products, their garage doors do need a bit of maintenance every now and then.

Here’s everything you need to know about keeping your B&D garage doors in tip-top shape.

Why Do I Need to Maintain My B&D Garage Door?
Like all mechanical objects with moving parts, garage roller doors require regular maintenance to continue working at their best. If neglected for an excessive period, a garage door will cease to operate, and could become a serious hazard. General wear and tear tend to degrade the doors over time. Furthermore, corrosion from natural atmospheric conditions, as well as salt from the ocean can expedite the process.

How Often Should I Do Maintenance On My Garage Door?
It depends on the type of maintenance in question. Ideally, you should wash your garage door every month, inspect it every six months, and get a professional service every year or so.
Garage doors used frequently or located near the ocean, may require even more attention.

How Should I Wash My Garage Door
The process is straightforward. Simply grab a cloth and a bucket of clean water, then wipe over the surface of the garage door. Be careful not to get water into any electronic or oily sections.

Is Inspecting A Garage Door Dangerous?
It can be deadly if you don’t follow the right precautions.
First off, never put your fingers near moving parts or attempt to pass through the door, while it’s in operation. Always use the door handle to manually move the door. Most importantly, never adjust any of the tension springs or do maintenance on your door, if you suspect there may be an issue.

How Can I Inspect My Garage Doors?
Switch your door to manual mode by doing the following:
· Locate your manual release cord or lever. It’s connected to the motor, which is usually on the side. However, you’ll likely find it up the top for tilt doors.
· If your door has an auto lock, disengage it by pulling the locking pins or lever handles. These are usually at the side and at knee height.
· Turn off the motor by pulling on the manual release.
Now, open and shut your door using the handle. If there’s more resistance in one direction, you’ll need a spring tension adjustment from a professional.
You could also do the following:
· Clean the guide tracks with a cloth soaked in methylated spirits or turpentine and polish them thoroughly. Never put any grease or oil on the guide tracks.
· Apply a light dose of machine oil to the steel wheel axis bearings, the steel hinges, and the tensioned springs.
· Use chain lube to lubricate the opening chain.
· Apply a lubricant such as RP7 to the garage door key lock, if it’s difficult to open.
· Apply a silicone spray to your plastic hinges.

Get Professional Help
To retain the warranty on your door and ensure the safety of the householders, it’s crucial to hire periodic professional maintenance. A qualified local garage door specialist will ensure your door runs smoothly for years to come.