More Gable Sheds Awesome for Autumn -- and the Rest for the Year

More Gable Sheds Awesome for Autumn -- and the Rest for the Year

Gable sheds don’t just mean the usual storage sheds with the classic triangular roof that lets all those autumn leaves and other year-round debris slide off to the ground. At Simply Sheds, you’ll find that this type of structure can have other features and functions. It can have just a simple accent to add charm to the garden, a little bit more height to give you more space or a totally different design to answer specific requirements.

Read on about our Regent Sheds, Workshop Sheds and Aviaries and see for yourself.

ABSCO Regent Garden Sheds
absco regent garden shed

The slight overhang and colour accent make the big difference in design in this Garden Shed. It is made of Bluescope Colorbond, which is known for its durability and fine finish. And by fine finish, it means paint that’s baked on the high-quality steel base – so you can expect resistance to chipping, cracking and other typical troubles regular painting processes give you. You can choose from the colours Classic Cream, Pale Eucalypt, Paper Bark and Woodland Grey.

The ABSCO Regent 3m x 1.44m, for instance, has a height of 2.06m at the gable. You can add an optional sliding Perspex window on the back wall to help bring in more natural light and air in the room. It has enough space for your tools and equipment and can even accommodate a chair and a table if you wish to have a sheltered resting spot.

It’s easy to install as it has uses the SNAPTiTE Assembly System. You also won’t need to think about much cost and effort to maintain this shed, since it won’t need repainting or other major refurbishing jobs.

Workshop Sheds
yardpro workshop

If you wish to have a dedicated space for your DIY works, you should look into the Yardpro Workshop series in our catalogue. The sheds in this range are all durable and quick to set up. They’re made of robust .3 BMT weather-resistant coated steel and uses the FASTTRAK Assembly System.

You can start with the Yardpro Workshop 2010 Gable Roof 5.9m x 2.8m. It features a double main door and a single side door, so you can easily access everything in the building. The wall at 1.8m, so headroom won’t be a problem when you go around completing your project.

Choose the colour that will best suit your garden – Smooth Cream, Rivergum or Slate Grey.

absco aviary gable roof
Simply Sheds also have gable sheds for your feathered friends or furry pals. Our Aviaries are made for birds and fowls, but can also be used as kennels and catteries.

The Aviary Gable Roof 2.26m x 1.52m is just one of our easy-install, low-maintenance pet shelters with gable roof. It’s made of Bluescope Colorbond, which has a steel base that’s corrosion-resistant and thermally efficient and baked-on paint that doesn’t chip or crack.

The 2-metre height at the gable gives enough space for birds to fly about every time. Even you won’t have any headspace problem when you need to feed or take care of them.

You can add an optional Dine-a-Chook Set when ordering this Aviary. It’s a 3-litre drinker and feeder that’s rain- and rodent-resistant.

If you’ve got specific storage or shelter requirements, browse our online catalogue and choose from our wide range of sheds. You can also call us at 1300 66 77 48 and we’ll be glad to help you find what you need.