Pros & Cons of Timber Garage Doors

Pros & Cons of Timber Garage Doors

There’s no denying it: timber garage doors look stunning and can add some serious cache to the aesthetics of your home.
So when it is time to remodel your garage or build a house from the ground up, why not consider using timber instead of an everyday material such as steel?

Of course, there are some drawbacks to consider as well, which is why we’ve put together this article on the pros and cons of timber garage doors.

Eco credential
As you are no doubt aware, timber is a renewable resource which generally makes it more environmentally friendly than other common industrial materials. However, some varieties are more sustainable than others. Opt for an eco-friendly option such as bamboo, cork, or palm wood. Even better, seek out reclaimed or salvaged timber instead.

Bespoke beauty
A great plus for building a timber garage door is the seemingly endless customization options. You get to choose the variety of timber, opt for customized windows, design specialized panels, include creative engravings, and select a tinted varnish to perfectly complement your home. Using timber allows you to tailor make your garage door to fit your personal style.

Aesthetically pleasing
Perhaps the biggest advantage of the timber garage door is its natural beauty. When topped off with a nice varnish, timber evokes a feeling of quality workmanship combined with timeless old-world sophistication.

It can withstand a bit of a beating
Common garage door materials tend to dent or scratch upon even the most minor collision. Timber, on the other hand, is surprisingly malleable and doesn’t crack or dent due to its tough outer layer. Of course, every material has its limits, so try not to crash into the garage door!

Repairs are less worrisome
If a portion of your timber garage door needs repairing, simply replace that particular section or panel to get it looking as good as new. With timber, there’s no need to replace the entire garage door.

May be more expensive than other materials
The biggest drawback of a nice timber garage door is the ever important cost factor. Put simply; timber garage doors are irrefutably more expensive. The fancier the door, the higher the cost. Those on a budget could forgo lavish customisations to help keep the cost in check.

Poorer insulation
Timber doesn’t provide very good insulation, especially when compared to other common garage door materials. However, for many, this would not be an issue as the garage only serves as a place for parking the car rather than a living space.
If you do need garage door insulation, simply add some to the inside of the door at a modest additional expense.

Some maintenance is required
Keeping timber in good shape requires time and effort, which may prove too much hassle for those after a minimal maintenance home. At the very least, you’ll need to check your timber garage doors regularly for termites and rot issues, as well as reapply a new varnish coating every now and again to protect them from the elements.

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